The French Parliament paralyzed the law of the sanitary pass after Macron’s statements about the unvaccinated

French President Emmanuel Macron (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN /)

The Parliament of France paralyzed for the second time the bill that transforms the health pass following French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements against the unvaccinated in an interview with Le Parisien.

The french president Emmanuel Macron lashed out harshly on Tuesday against the anti-vaccine movements and their supporters, who were criticized for their “lack of morals” and “irresponsibility”, accusing them of trying “to undermine the solidity of a nation.”

“I’m not here to bother the (…), well I really want to make the unvaccinated angry and we will continue to do so until the end, that’s the strategy, ”said the French president, who He defended limiting “as much as possible” access to leisure for these people.

After these words, French deputies charged the president on Tuesday night: “Annoying cannot be part of the presidential vocabulary. The law allows, prohibits or orders. But it doesn’t bother “said in his official Twitter profile the deputy for the Republicans Jean-Louis Thiériot.

The French Parliament stalled a law that tightens restrictions for the unvaccinated
The French Parliament paralyzed a law that tightens restrictions for the unvaccinated (YOAN VALAT /)

Opposition groups called for the suspension so that Prime Minister Jean Castex can explain the statements made by Macron. The session will continue in the next fifteen hours after being suspended, according to the newspaper ‘Le Monde’.

The French Parliament was due to vote this Tuesday on the new calendar to debate the 500 amendments that still remain to be deliberated, so there was, for the second time, a delay in setting the new dates.

The bill, which was expected to be approved this Tuesday to pass through the Senate the following day – with the consequent entry into force on January 15 – was suspended this Monday due to the refusal of a large part of the deputies, who have refused to continue with the session and voted to suspend it.

This new measure that is being debated in the Parliament of France contemplates, in addition to the vaccination pass, a tightening of the penalties for cases of false documentation related to the vaccination status. In this sense, falsifying a COVID-19 passport could be fined up to 75,000 euros and five years in prison, according to France 24.


In that same interview, Macron assured that he wants to stand for reelection in the presidential elections of April 2022: “There is no false suspense. I want to do it, ”he replied, although he has not yet made his candidacy official.

Emmanuel Macron lashed out harshly on Tuesday against the anti-vaccine movements and their supporters
Emmanuel Macron lashed out harshly on Tuesday against the anti-vaccine movements and their supporters (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN /)

He has also raised his doubts about the situation in the country, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic: “This decision is being consolidated. I need to be sure that I can go as far as I want. “

In this sense, he said that he will clarify his position with total “freedom” once “sanitary conditions allow it”: “I love our country and I have great ambition for it. I’ve been fighting to improve it for five years. Rather, I care that he continues to improve, ”he said.

In a possible election with Macron at the helm, the current president of France and the candidate of the conservative Republican party, Valérie Pécresse, would meet in a second and final round of the presidential elections, according to a poll published on 18 December by Ipsos.

Macron would collect approximately 24 percent of the votes for Pecresse’s 17 percent, followed by the far-right Marine Le Pen, from the National Group, with 14.5 percent of the votes, tied with fellow member Eric Zemmour.

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