The funny cross between Marcelo Gallardo and Leonardo Astrada: advice for footballers over 30

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* The dialogue between Astrada and Gallardo

Marcelo gallardo maintains a professional profile while River plate compete in the different tournaments. When the objectives are achieved, the Doll He usually gives interviews where he takes off his coach suit for a few minutes and touches on topics that he does not usually talk about during competitions. In this case, he had a heads up with Leonardo Astrada on the playing field of the stadium Monumental where they remembered old times and clarified a key enigma in the life of the champion coach.

The former brand steering wheel of the Millionaire and today a panelist from ESPN started the conversation. “The days we concentrated together, we never really talked about how you had that ambition of wanting to direct. When did that bug wake you up? “Leo consulted. The Doll, somewhat nostalgic, he began to answer: “No, if you talked about anything Leo. That is something that wakes you up. When we concentrated together you were big and I was young. You are still bigger and I less small. The truth was that we had a good time, it was a nice group. I grew up with them, with the image of all of them. Not only with words, but with behaviors, actions, and I had a very nice experience with all that work group. With Leo, with Hernán, Enzo, Mono Burgos, with Loco Berti ”.

Gallardo continued to recall moments from when he was a boy and shared the concentration room with Astrada. “Leo smoked a lot and since I didn’t like to smoke, I had to leave the room. I remember that I have Julito here, when we went to your wedding. They bring me many memories of having them here. One of the good ones, ”he added.

Gallardo enjoyed his first league title with his three children (Photo: @fotobairesarg)

He then returned to the line that Leo had raised at the beginning and answered it in detail: “I was awakened at 28, 29 years old when I began to ask the coaches why we did such a thing. I liked to learn, at that age my curiosity was aroused: why we trained the way we trained, why we were going to play that way and then I felt that I had been awakened. From there I started to go through that stage of the end of my career after 30 that you know that one day football will end and that it is very sad when it ends. I wanted to begin to soak up that curiosity and that knowledge to direct. So it woke me up a lot after sharing concentration ”.

Astrada, satisfied with the explanation, was satisfied and demonstrated it before the cameras. “You made it easier for me because many times they asked me: ‘Did you know that Marcelo was going to be a coach?’ That’s it, he answered it ”, he declared. The Doll He took the opportunity to reaffirm his answer: “You black were already retired. It was like this, your curiosity is aroused when you grow up and I don’t think there are 20 or 22-year-olds who today want to be a coach. Beyond what you like or what you are passionate about. With all the things that are around today, what they least think is what they are going to do tomorrow ”.

To close, he left a reflection for those who are taking their last steps in football. “I tell the older players that after 30 they start preparing what they are going to do because there really is a huge void. and for what they do they have to prepare. Be trained for what comes, “concluded Gallardo.


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