The funny videos of Belinda and Wendy Guevara in a club in Saltillo

Wendy Guevara and Belinda caused a sensation among the attendees.


And endure! Belinda and Wendy Guevara They had an epic meeting in a well-known club in Saltillo that did not go unnoticed by anyone, check out the fun videos of this unforgettable moment!

They spread on social networks several photos and videos of a fun moment that Belinda and Wendy Guevara spent together in a club in Saltillo. Both celebrities participated in the Cactus Festival and, for the after-party, they met at the venue, where there was no shortage of laughter and dancing.

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While Belinda surprised when she performed some of her songs with the DJ on duty, Wendy Guevara had everyone literally “with their mouths open” thanks to her occurrencesbecause he did not miss the opportunity to let out some of his well-known jokes and witticisms.

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Belinda and Wendy Guevara gave a lot to talk aboutDue to their fun meeting in the club, Well, as expected, the videos and photos of both soon went viral on networks, especially on Twitter.

In the videos it is seen that, Although Belinda set the rhythm with her songs, the true “queen of the night” was Wendy Guevarawho was responsible for making everyone laugh thanks to his unmatched sense of humor, and even included a popular soap opera of Belinda in her jokes.

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“Oh, what a scandal! Now yes, Belinda, you are Mariana and I am Silvana”said Wendy Guevara in reference to “Sidekicks to the rescue”. Belinda, meanwhile, interrupted the influencer to tell her that she was Silvana, which generated a new wave of laughter.

On the other hand, Wendy did not miss the opportunity to flatter Belinda, who was dressed in a flirty black miniskirt.: “Attack each other*, because Belinda has a great body, she has a great face and no matter what,” said the winner of “The House of the Famous Mexico.”


Networking There were all kinds of positive comments for both celebrities: “Support and you know who you are, you would like to be in your place”, “Now, Wendy, I can’t stand it”, “Beautiful, what a father” and “I love you”, are some opinions left by Internet users.