The future of Luis Suárez is defined: from the talk with the president of Nacional de Uruguay to the signs that his family gave him to choose a club

Luis Suárez will define his future in the coming days (REUTERS / Albert Gea) (ALBERT GEA /)

the future of Luis Suarez It is one of the novels of the pass market in America. It is that after the opportunity that he did not give himself to travel to Argentina to put on the River Plate shirt due to the early elimination of Marcelo Gallardo’s team in the Copa Libertadores, now it is the fans of Nacional de Montevideo who dream of seeing The gunman again with the colors of the Handbag.

In that sense, the group that gave birth to the Uruguayan striker made the last attempt to convince him to join the squad led by Nicolás Repetto. As indicated Ovationthe sports segment of the Uruguayan newspaper El País, the president of Nacional José Fuentes got on a plane to Spain without an appointment to chat hand in hand with the former Atlético Madrid player.

The Uruguayan media reported that once the owner of the Montevideo club arrived in the Spanish capital, he wrote a message to Suárez to see if he could give him a few minutes of his time and talk about the Nacional offer. In that interim, Luis along with his family were in the middle of moving from Madrid to his residence in Castelldefels, the area near Barcelona where the former Liverpool striker has his house.

Finally, the talk came late in the Spanish afternoon and, once the meeting was over, Flores spoke with Telemundo about the talk he had with the idol of Nacional. “We talked about many aspects. She is evaluating some things and in a few days she will decide ”said the president. At the same time, he stated that Lucho “is very moved by the displays of affection that have been given in the last few hours” by the fans on social networks. “It was worth the effort,” added the head of the Bag with a smile before the cameras of TV.

Beyond the hand in hand between the highest representative of Nacional and Suárez, the newspaper indicates that his sources confirmed that the intention to remain in Europe remains the first option that the 35-year-old player manages. Moreover, soccer in the United States was recently added as a possibility for Suárez to move now.

Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi.  The family would have given him the go-ahead to return to Uruguay if he decides.
Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi. The family would have given him the go-ahead to return to Uruguay if he decides.

“One of the decisive things when we started the conversations was the family, and the family has already decided to spend these three months in Uruguay. That’s where we have a very important advantage.”Fuentes told about the wink that Suárez’s wife would have given him, sofia balby, and the rest of his close to the striker to return to his native country. In that scenario, the environment made the decision to follow Lucho to the destination he chose.

We must remember that the man who made history in Barcelona with his friend Leo Messi, has already rejected multiple offers to continue his career in the Old Continent. He said no to the three most important teams in Turkey (Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Besiktas.), to the clubs with a long history in Brazil (Flamengo, Corinthians, Palmeiras and Botafogo) and also did not consider offers from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Waiting to arrange his arrival at a team, Suárez has been training on his own for 21 days, which are the days he has been a free player after leaving the Aleti. Luis’s intention is to play at the highest level to prepare with everything for what will be his fourth and last World Cup with the Light blue.

In the last hours, his last name sounded to join one of the best teams in the Bundesliga. As reported Sky Sport Germanythe attacker offered to fill the void he left in Borussia Dortmund ivory striker sebastien hallerwho had recently signed for the German club after the departure of Erling Haaland to Manchester City in exchange for 31 million euros plus another 4 in goals, but was diagnosed with a testicular tumor that will keep him away from the German team for some time.


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