The gesture of his children, the jewel he received and the response about his legacy that generated laughter: Manu Ginóbili was honored in the Hall of Fame

Manu Ginobili he is living hours that, at least for him, continue to surprise him. Beyond knowing the impact he had in recent decades in the NBA and the world of basketball, the former San Antonio Spurs player confirmed it when he attended the press the day before he was introduced to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

It’s unreal to be in this moment. You don’t grow up in Argentina expecting that you’re going to get to this place. I come from a small city in Argentina, where there is a lot of talk about basketball. My most important achievements are those achieved collectively. I don’t have MVPs and all those accolades, so I’m here for having been part of great teams. It’s unbelievable,” Ginobili said at the conference.

After speaking with the media, and after signing autographs, it was time for Manu to receive the famous orange jacket that is given to all who enter the Hall of Fame. And next to him his three children appeared to be part of a unique moment. The twins Dante and Nicola (12 years old) were in charge of putting the sack on him to his dad. For his part, Luca, 8, stood near the box containing the ring which was also given to the eldest of the Ginóbili family for being a new member of the select group and the first thing he did was take it.

The jewel that the former San Antonio forward received it has your name engraved on it, as well as several small diamonds and other details in honor of the Hall of Fame. The company in charge of making them is Baron Ringswith a great tradition in the making of this type of rings for consecrations or celebrations of this type.

Manu with the ring that was given to him in the Hall of Fame (@Hoophall)

The one who did not go on stage but was part of the celebration was ManyManu’s wife. She was seen in images broadcast by the NBA accounts dressed in red. The others who said present at the presentation were several former teammates of the number 20 of the Spurs: Fabricio Oberto, Luis Scola, Pepe Sanchez, who shared with him the greatest achievements of the Argentine team, joined the festivities on Friday night. The same thing happened with Julius Lamas (first coach in the selected) and Oscar Sanchezthe manager who discovered him and one of his mentors.

One of the funniest moments of the evening for Ginobili occurred during the previous meeting with journalists from different parts of the world. Someone asked him about his legacy, and the native of Bahía Blanca was forceful with his answer. “The greatest legacy I left will be that of the bat. You put Youtube and you get the bat first. After everything else”he confessed between laughs.

It must be remembered that during a game in 2009 against the Sacramento Kings, the winged mammal entered the Spurs stadium and the player managed to stop it with one hand, which caused those images to go viral at a time when networks Social networks were beginning to explode in the world of new technologies.

“The most incredible moments in general are linked to victories, because you work hard, make an effort, experience a lot of responsibilities and end up achieving a goal with your teammates, which is a moment of ecstasy. When you see it a bit from the outside, with the experience, you want to thank your teammates, the technicians, the masseur, the one who cleaned the field, they also make the atmosphere good and you like to go to train and enjoy it, generate a beautiful atmosphere”, added Manu.

In addition to reconfirming that his first great idol was Michael Jordanand who only began to enjoy the situation of being in the Hall of Fame in the last few hours, Ginobili was clear in the message when asked if this step would lead to perpetuity in his sport.

“If I achieve perpetuity with this award? And…, it’s a museum, isn’t it? In the Hall of Fame there is a museum and surely something of mine will be there. So yes, in a way it is. It’s like the shirt thing was very San Antonio, because of what I did there, because of what happened, because of what we lived through. And that already happens to basketball in general, to world basketball. So yeah, when it comes to our beloved sport, I don’t think there is a greater achievement or recognition. After this nothing else comes. So it’s a huge honor”.


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