The gestures of Lionel Messi during the video tribute after winning his seventh Ballon d’Or: the new mischief of his son Mateo

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Messi, excited with the video that they showed him after the announcement

After being announced that he had won his seventh Golden Ball, after his speech, with strong content linked to obtaining the title in the Copa América with Argentina, Didier Drogba, host of the gala, Lionel messi was invited by the conductor Didier Drogba to sit with his back to the 2,500 guests at the Châtelet Theater in Paris, to watch a special video, which provoked different reactions from the 34-year-old Argentine star. Above all, when their children appeared on the screen, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, or some of your friends, like Luis Suarez, (who presented the award in person) and Sergio Aguero.

The edited, which sought to touch the heart of the PSG striker, began with the Olympic round in Brazil 2021, with Albiceleste players carrying Messi, and Captain Messi himself lifting the Cup.

Immediately afterwards, the action moved to Rosario, where the cameras showed several fans defending the former Barcelona from the “success” of the people. They also went through the facilities of the Malvinas Argentinas de Newell’s property, where La Pulga came to show his talent. In fact, they mixed images of children who today dream of being like him and Messi himself, with his devilish dribbling.

It was at that moment that the transmission began to show the reactions of the honoree. “He is the best of all time, he is insurmountable, he played at Newell’s, he is a crack, a capo”, said one of the little ones from Lepra, and made him smile..

Lucho Suárez appeared there, who said a few words to him, beyond what he could have said live and direct (he sat next to him and Mbappé in the theater). “Hello kid, on this special day, I wanted to congratulate you on winning a new Ballon d’Or. I am very proud of the career you did, and you continue to do, you show year after year why you are the best in the world. From my heart, I congratulate you, I wish you the best, and to enjoy this award that you deserve ”, he dedicated.

In Aguero’s raids, Leo was notably excited. Beyond the friendship that unites them and having lived together the feat in the Copa América, the former Independent forward is going through a difficult time, unable to play for at least three months while they continue to study if he can continue in activity as a result of a problem cardiac.

Ciro’s celebration: the gestures of children, protagonists in the Ballon d’Or

“Congratulations on your seventh Ballon d’Or, crazy. Very happy for you because I love you and appreciate you, you know what I think of you as a friend. I love you very much and enjoy yourself. “Kun stressed. In the epilogue of his message, Messi touched his eyes, aiming to dribble the emotion.

The climax of the show was the appearance in the video of the star’s children. How many Ballon d’Or did daddy win? The interviewer consulted them. Ciro drew a 5 with his hand. “Seven,” Thiago said. Five for sure? ”, Asked his interlocutor. “No, seven,” Mateo refuted, to Dad’s laughter on stage.

“And how was the Copa América?” They asked the boys. “Super good,” Thiago responded quickly. “Very bad,” Mateo surprised, and snatched the biggest smile from Messi, used to his antics. “No, very good, very good”, was rectified at the end.

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La Pulga, the owner of the red button

An end to all orchestra: the Flea was offered to press a red button, and there he saw how the Eiffel Tower was illuminated in his honor. One night for the attacker, with strong emotions, which could be read in his gestures at the time of the video.

“I got my biggest prize in July, it was what I wanted since I started playing for the National Team, to get something for that shirt, for my country, my people. I want to enjoy it with them, dedicate it to them especially. It is something great what we live in the Copa América ”, he concluded.


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