The Golden Scorpion came to ‘Today’ and made all drivers sweat with his truths

Perhaps only the high-sounding language changed a bit with the arrival of The Golden Scorpion to open television, but during his visit to the program ‘Hoy’ he did not change his style and put all the drivers in trouble by telling them what perhaps no one dares.

Alex Montiel, in his character, mentioned Galilea Montijo about the tube, football and if he wanted to be the first lady of Morelos, in reference to his ex, Cuauhtémoc Blanco. Gali promised that in January he will be on the YouTube channel of Alex Montiel’s character.

He made Andrea Legarreta choose between Alejandra Guzmán or Paulina Rubio, to annoy her a little because of the much-used issue that all three are part of Erik Rubín’s love biography.

He said to Tania Rincón: “If you had the opportunity to drop a nuclear bomb in ‘Venga la feliz’ or in ‘Hoy’, where would you throw it?” “Clearly there, I have to save myself,” Tania said, although she clarified that she is still friends with some of her former colleagues.

He told Arath De la Torre that if he kept getting angry with people and that he hadn’t gotten into trouble for a long time. “When he’s not spreading it on Twitter, he goes to Miguel Angel Fox and screams,” said the Golden Scorpion, to annoy him that he got angry about being eliminated from ‘Who’s the mask?’

El Escorpión Dorado came to ‘Hoy’ to promote his new single as a singer, ‘Senos de hombre’.