The Google doodle that pays tribute to pizza

File photo. | Credit: Google

All users who enter the Google search engine will be able to notice this December 6 that the official logo has been dressed to present a dish that, as a start, many of us know, is about pizza.

The world’s largest search engine has decided through a ‘doodle’ to pay homage to “pizzaiuolo”, the culinary art originating in Naples that in 2007 was inscribed on the UNESCO list as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and whose appointment turns 14 today.

People who enter the Google search engine on their computer or through mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets will be able to appreciate that some of the letters of the logo have been adapted to a pizza. Google proposes through this interactive ‘doodle’ a puzzle where an exact number of portions must be cut to obtain points.

This interactive adventure in addition to proposing a challenge, takes a tour of the most famous pizza toppings such as the pizza ‘Margarita’, ‘Pepperoni’, ‘Calabresa’, among others and also, you can click on the pizza slice icon, There a window will be displayed that will indicate the ingredients of that specific and additional pizza, it will show a small related story.

File photo.  |  Credit: Doreen Hassek / / dpa
File photo. | Credit: Doreen Hassek / / dpa (Doreen Hassek /)

Far from being a story of only fourteen years

Although the entry to the list of this Neapolitan culinary art to the UNESCO list was fourteen years ago, the history of pizza dates back centuries, because we are in front of a dish that has passed through multiple civilizations and today is found in almost all latitudes.

Before being considered a dish as such, ancient civilizations such as Egyptian and Roman already used to consume flat bread with some ingredients on its cover, however, Naples is considered the cradle of pizza since the 18th century by perfecting a technique and a style that would give this dish its own name and that would lead to internationalization and being an economic engine for some large companies that have spread worldwide.

The statistics agency BrandonGaille investigated some consumption data for this dish in 2017 and announced that the United States is one of the countries that has most adopted this dish of Italian origin as one of its favorite foods.

According to the firm, in the US around 350 slices of pizza are consumed per minute, in addition to this, 93% of those surveyed announced having eaten pizza in the last month, as additional data, an average American consumes around 46 slices of pizza for 12 months which would give an approximate of 23 pounds of pizza per year per inhabitant. According to the research, pizzas such as Pepperoni are the ones that have gained the most popularity in this country, since around 251 million pounds of this sausage are spent per year, and, being the preferred flavor, 36% of the pizzas that are They order contain this ingredient.

By 2017, on US soil there were around 70,000 pizzerias where 2 5% corresponded to large chains such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s. Without a doubt, pizza is a dish that not only generates emotion in the country where it was born and has proven to be liked by almost everyone, as it is a dish that has centuries of history and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to exist for others. centuries more.


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