The great controversy in the goal that eliminated Estudiantes de La Plata from the Copa Libertadores at 95 minutes

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* The controversy in the Paranaense goal that eliminated Estudiantes

There were only 15 seconds left. The controversies in Brazil and La Plata had already been pushed into the background. The quarterfinal match at the Stadium One It was going to be defined by penalties, but there was one last ball left. The clock marked 95 and coins of the 96 minutes scheduled by the Uruguayan referee Andrés Matonte. But what nobody wanted happened: Vitor Roque, in a confusing action with Mariano Andújar, ended up being the hero of the visit.

Athletico Paranaense defeated Estudiantes de La Plata 1-0 as a visitor with a goal on the hour and got the passage to the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores where they will face Palmeiras. But the fact was not without controversy: Was there a hand of the Brazilian soccer player on the rebound with the goalkeeper of the click?

Previously, two other possible controversies were ruled out: there was no offside by the Brazilian striker when the ball fell into the area and there was no prior hand of the Uruguayan David Terans in the control that occurred in the action prior to the center of Vitor Naum.

The different cameras do not make it possible to elucidate with absolute clarity in which area of ​​Vitor Roque’s body he hits the ball after Andújar’s clearance attempt. The regulation provided by the IFAB clarifies that “not all contacts of the ball with the hand or arm constitute an infraction”, but there is an application for goals in which there is a previous hand:

“The player who scores a goal in the opponent’s goal will commit an infraction:

• directly with the hand or arm – even if the action occurs accidentally – including the goalkeeper.

• immediately after the ball touches your hand or arm, even accidentally”.

Was there a hand from the Paranaense player?

As a first instance, the IFAB explains which areas should be considered a hand with an illustration: “It is clarified that the arm ‘begins’ where the armpit ends and not at the seam of the hand of the shirt”indicates there.

Regardless of the analysis, the VAR did not think it convenient to call the main referee to analyze the maneuver regardless of the fact that the play was checked for several minutes, to the point that the match was only resumed four minutes later. Only when the clock approached 102 minutes of action, the referee put an end to the clash.

IFAB hand
The IFAB regulation that explains which zones are considered hand

“Then watch the game, you are responsible”demanded the coach of the click Ricardo Zielinski barely finished the game. The complaint, however, seemed rather directed at the goal that Luciano Lollo canceled minutes earlier for offside. “I told the referee that he was responsible because in all the splits he charged for the Brazilians, and they should have had someone expelled. On goal, their goalkeeper had no chance of getting to the ball. Today there was a person in charge and it was the referee”, he added later in a press conference.

Nor was the vice president of the club and idol, Juan Sebastián Verón, silent. Through his Instagram pointed against Conmebol: “Conmebol doing what Conmebol does, it doesn’t matter when you read this”, pointed out the Witch.

It should be noted that this Copa Libertadores already had a controversial situation with similar characteristics during River Plate-Vélez: they annulled a goal by Matías Suárez for a disputed hand that the Chilean judge Roberto Tobar had to see in the VAR.


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