The Hamas terrorist group handed over two hostages to the Red Cross in Gaza and more releases are expected this Thursday

The Israeli army reported that two Israeli hostages identified in images as Mia Schem and Amit Soussana They were handed over this Thursday to the Red Cross in Gaza and transferred to Israel, after the extension of the truce in the enclave, while the release of more kidnapped people is expected this day.

After arriving in Israel, they were going to be transferred to the Hatzerim air base, in the south of the country.

“In the next few hours, Other Israeli hostages expected to be transferred to Red Cross”he added.

One of those released is Mia Schem, 21, who was kidnapped during the electronic music festival near the border. The young woman, who also has French nationality, was the first hostage to appear in a video after her abduction, receiving medical attention. Her mother then cried out for her release.


The other liberation was that of Amit Soussana40 years old, lawyer kidnapped in the Kfar Azza kibbutz.

Amit Soussana (via Reuters)
Amit Soussana (via Reuters) (HOSTAGES AND MISSING FAMILIES FO/)

Hostages’ families are being updated by IDF representatives with the latest available information,” the IDF added.

Hours earlier, sources from the Palestinian movement had announced that on this day “10 Israelis would be released, including two who also have Russian nationality.”

Since the truce came into effect on November 24, Hamas has released around ten hostages every day in exchange for three times as many Palestinian prisoners. The agreement was extended this Thursday for one more day, until Friday at 5 GMT.

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