The head of the Russian paramilitaries questioned the official version of the attack that killed blogger Vladlen Tatarsky

The head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhinclaimed in an audio commentary posted Monday that “I wouldn’t blame the kyiv regime.” of the explosion in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, in which the well-known Russian military blogger died Vladlen Tatarsky and dozens of people were injured.

Prigozhin said he thinks a “group of radicals” is behind the explosion that killed Tatarsky, an ardent supporter of the offensive against kyiv. He also said that the attack was “similar” to the one that in August of last year killed Daria Duginadaughter of Kremlin ideologue Aleksandr Dugin.

Well-known Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky is pictured in this undated social media photo obtained by Reuters on April 2, 2023. (Telegram @Vladlentatarskybooks/via REUTERS) (TELEGRAM @VLADLENTATARSKYBOOKS/)

“I would not blame the kyiv regime for these actions. I think there is a group of radicals who barely have any relationship with the government,” said Prigozhin.

the blogger Maxim Fominknown by the pseudonym of Vladlen Tatarskydied on Sunday in a bomb attack in a Saint Petersburg cafe where he was speaking at a conference of an organization supporting the Russian offensive in Ukraine, called Cyber ​​Z Front.

The news agency TASS quoted an anonymous source as saying that the bomb was hidden in a miniature statue which were handed to Tatarsky as he addressed a group of people in the cafeteria.

Masha Telegram channel linked to the Russian security forces, posted a video showing Tatarsky, microphone in hand, receiving a statuette of a soldier in a helmet. The explosion occurred minutes later.

Prigozhin stated that the cafeteria was his property, but that he has since handed it over to “patriotic” activists who have been holding meetings there.

The official Russian version

Prigozhin’s statements deny the official version and they are a new example of how Wagner’s boss is less and less aligned with the Russian authorities.

According to the Russian authorities, the attack on Tatarsky was orchestrated by kyiv with the complicity of supporters of the imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny.

“It has been established that the terrorist act committed on April 2 in St. Petersburg (…) was planned by the Ukrainian special serviceswho recruited agents among those who collaborate with the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund of Navalny”, announced the Russian anti-terrorism committee, citing the name of the main suspect arrested this Monday, Daria Trepova.

Trépova herself confirmed that she carried a bomb hidden in a statuette that was delivered to the blogger during the conference. However, she refused to say who gave her the artifact.

According to the last balance, they turned out to be injured 32 people in the explosion, eight of them in serious condition.

The detained woman is 26 years old. According to TASSIn 2022, she was already detained for ten days for demonstrating against the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

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