The head of the Russian partisans who invaded Belgorod revealed that they consult their operations with Ukraine

One of the leaders of the anti-Putin Russian partisans who raided the region of Belgorod earlier this week he acknowledged some “encouragement, help and assistance” from Ukraine in planning your operations.

“Everything we do, every decision we make behind, beyond the border [en Rusia]… it’s our decision,” he said. Denis Kapustin -alias Nikitin-, leader of the Russian Volunteer Corps, speaking to reporters near the border in northern Ukraine.

However, he then admitted true “encouragement, help and assistance” by kyiv, although they do not supply their men with weapons or equipment.

Denis Kapustin, also known as Denis Nikitin or by the nom de guerre “White Rex.” REUTERS/Viacheslav Ratynskyi (VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI/)

“What we do, obviously, we can ask our, let’s say, comrades [ucranianos]friends his help in planningKapustin said. “What do you think of this? Could you tell us if this is a plausible mission? Would it help Ukraine in this fight or would it make things worse?” he explained.

“They will say ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘it’s a good idea’, ‘it’s a bad idea.’ So it’s kind of encouragement, help and assistance,” he said.

Russia denounced on Monday the incursion of “a group of sabotage” coming from Ukraine in the Belgorod region, in the largest incident of its kind since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The commando’s action was concomitant with Ukrainian shelling that left one dead and 13 injured in Russian villages , according to local authorities.

The militants define themselves as
The militants define themselves as “right-wing conservatives and traditionalists”, although some of them claimed to be neo-Nazis at other times. (REUTERS/Viacheslav Ratynskyi) (VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI/)

According to Kasputin, the mere fact of having entered Russia and returned to Ukraine “can be considered as a success”.

“The operation is ongoing. It involves several phases”, said Kapustin, a figure who made a name for himself in hooliganism and the Russian far-right circles and who settled in Ukraine before the war, where he organized mma fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) and had a clothing brand. He is also known by the nom de guerre “White Rex” (White king).

Such action, he claimed, forces the Russian military to deploy a “large number” of troopsthus weakening other parts of the border and front line.

For his part “Cease”, spokesperson for the Russian Freedom Legionanother group that claimed responsibility for the raid, described the operation as a “amazing” action and posed in front of an armored vehicle that, according to what he said, is a “trophy” taken from the Russian troops.

“They [los rusos que defendían Belgorod] were too stupid and too slow. About five hours, about five hours [para reaccionar]. They’re just trying to understand what happened. It was a mechanized company to, to force the counterattack. Yesterday, we destroyed that mechanized company. We inflicted a lot of casualties on them,” he said.

“It’s just a small start, just for recognition”, he added.

“Caesar”, a native of St. Petersburg, was identified by Russian investigative media as a member of the imperialist sphere and nationalist of the Russian extreme right.

A member of the Russian Volunteer Corps (REUTERS/Viacheslav Ratynskyi)
A member of the Russian Volunteer Corps (REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi) (VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI /)

Some thirty combatants participated in the meeting with the pressstating that they had spent about 24 hours on Russian territory and that they returned to Ukraine early on Wednesday.

Russia claimed on Tuesday that “crushed” with its air force and artillery to a commando that attacked the Belgorod region, eliminating “more than 70 Ukrainian terrorists.”

The members of the commando affirmed that there was only two wounded in their ranks.

The militiamen are defined as “right-wing conservatives and traditionalists”although some of them were claimed in other times as neo-nazis.

A Russian armored vehicle captured by Russian fighters (REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi)
A Russian armored vehicle captured by Russian fighters (REUTERS/Viacheslav Ratynskyi) (VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI/)

Kapustin said Moscow’s reaction shows that “Russia’s military and political leadership It is not minimally prepared” to deal with such actions.

“I want to show you [a los rusos] that you can fight against tyrants and that Putin’s power is not unlimited”.

Ukraine denied any involvement in the raid.

The Russian authorities released images of the vehicles captured from the commandosidentified by the American newspaper The New York Times as American MRAPs.

Ukraine received more than 500 such vehicles from Washington, but “Caesar” claims he bought his own “in war material stores.”

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