The head of the State Security of the Beijing regime called for “increasing the intensity of the repression” within the territory

Chen Yixin, Minister of State Security of China (Xinhua)

The laws should be even tougher. This could be summarized the request made in the last hours by the head of state security of the Chinese regime to the authorities. Chen Yixin said Beijing ought “increase the intensity of repression” within the territory and toughen the rules to maintain control of the population. The request was made one day after remembering a new anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre where tens of thousands of people died at the hands of the repressive machinery of the Chinese Communist Party (PCC) and in whose actions prominent human rights activists were arrested.

The claim of the high official -responsible in addition to the anti-espionage agency- was made through an opinion column that he wrote in the newspaper Study Timesa propaganda organ of the Central Party School. Chena prominent figure who was appointed as Minister of State Security in October 2022, is very close to Xi Jinpingthe head of the Chinese regime under whose mandate the violation of human rights and state repression and control multiplied.

“We must take the initiative in studying the law focusing on the newly amended Anti-Espionage Law of the People’s Republic of China, and systematically understand national security laws and regulations. We must use the law for fights, increase the intensity of repression in the application of the law and in the judicial media”, said Chen in his comment reproduced by the newspaper South China Morning Post.

In his writing, Chen demanded that the regime’s top officials further increase their loyalty to Xi and the PCC, as well as adhere to the guidelines established by the National Security Commission and know the rules that structure it. He also urged them to “study” the political thought of the head of Beijing about national security. The message of Chen it is clear: no one can deviate from what they think Xi Jinping Or try a different interpretation.

Since he assumed full responsibility for the Ministry of State Securitythe repressive apparatus of the Chinese state under the command of Chen carried out raids not only against the population itself but also against consulting and due diligenceamong them some foreigners like Bain, Mintz Group and cap vision. Japan has already protested against this irregular situation that endangers any citizen -local or foreign- who could be accused of espionage.

Crackdown in Hong Kong

At least eleven people who tried to honor in Hong Kong to the victims of the massacre of the tiananmen square -which caused thousands of deaths 34 years ago- were arrested or evicted by the police in the last 24 hours. For more than three decades, the inhabitants of the semi-autonomous region have traditionally commemorated the anniversary of the bloody repression of the democracy movement in Beijing on June 4, 1989.

However, this year the commemoration has been silenced, since the authorities of the former British colony continue to maintain an ambiguous discourse on whether acts of mourning in public are legal. The increasingly strict controls of the beijing regime about Hong Kongfollowing the citywide protest movement in 2019, have also made June 4 an increasingly sensitive issue.

Still, a handful of defiant people have taken the risk of expressing their thoughts. This Sunday afternoon, the police took two women and a man in the popular commercial area of Causeway Bay. After being searched, members of the police discovered that the man dressed in black had a candle in his bag, while one of the women carried a piece of paper with the words “Free HK” and “referendum” on it.

The local police also announced that since Saturday afternoon, four people between the ages of 50 and 60 had been arrested in Causeway Bay for public disorder or acting with seditious intent. The police authorities affirmed that the detainees had shown protest objects “loaded with seditious words” in the area, and that four other people “suspected of disturbing public peace” were taken to a police station for further investigation.

According to local media, the four arrested on Saturday were two pro-democracy activists, an artist and a dentist.

On Sunday, numerous police officers were dispatched to patrol the parks and surrounding areas, and dozens of police vehicles were also deployed in the area. Despite the heavy security presence, some people took the opportunity to mark the day quietly, staying in Causeway Bay.

A 75-year-old man who identified himself as Uncle Yip told the news agency EFE: “I have been going to the vigil for over 30 years. Now it no longer exists. It’s sad. I saw a woman being taken away by the police this afternoon. She do not do nothing. It’s 1,000 percent unreasonable. I know what freedom, the rule of law and democracy mean”.

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