The heads of US and Chinese diplomacy met for the first time after the spy balloon incident

File photo of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a meeting in Indonesia on July 9, 2022 (Stefani Reynolds/REUTERS) (POOL/)

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenheld this Saturday in Munich a meet face to face with his Chinese counterpart, wang yiin the first meeting in person between the top diplomatic officials of the two countries since the crisis opened by the shooting down on US soil of an alleged spy balloon from Beijing.

A spokesperson for the US State Department explained that the meeting occurred on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

According to the source, Blinken warned the head of Chinese diplomacy that the incident that led to the destruction of a Chinese balloon in South Carolina, USA, “It must not happen again.”

Blinken also alerted Wang to the “implications and consequences” of providing “material support” to Russia in its war against Ukraine, added the same source.

This meeting took place the same day that Wang lashed out at the US in his appearance before the international forum, in which he described President Joe Biden’s decision to bring down the balloon as an act “incomprehensible and almost hysterical”.

The downing of the balloon also occurred on the eve of a planned visit by Blinken to Beijing, suspended due to the crisis. Those responsible for the department ensure that the trip is still on and a new date will be given when the conditions are adequate.

With information from AFP and EuropaPress


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