The heartbreaking cry for justice after the death of a boy in the Williams School pool

Great outrage has been caused by the death of a 6-year-old boy who drowned in the pool at Colegio Williams in Mexico City. His parents demand justice in the face of the reaction of the institution, and after the Forensic Medical Service determined that the cause of his death was suffocation due to submersion.

“The school never contacted us,” said the minor’s father, who also assured the press, after seeing that there were classes like a common day: “It cannot be that it is a normal day and that mothers are worth it.”

In a video broadcast on social networks, you can hear the heartbreaking cry for justice in the face of the child’s death. “Let them show their faces! They killed Abner in the swim, they suffocated him.”

“My son arrived at half past seven, as always, he went in… we said goodbye at the entrance, he didn’t want to swim,” the father narrates in another video. However, hours later they told him that something had happened, but they did not give more information.

“They told us about the school that my son had had a mishap in the pool, they did not give us more information, we asked for information, but they told us ‘we are going to transfer him'”.

Parents from the school demonstrated outside the school and confronted the director whom they accused of wanting to hide information, not showing empathy and refusing to give an official version of the death or at least show the security cameras. “You and all your fucking people are going to jail.”said the boy’s mother in the middle of the discussion and obviously hurt and crying.


Through social networks, the Attorney General of Mexico City reported: “We have already started an investigation folder for the crime of manslaughter for other causes, after a minor student from a private educational establishment lost his life. Comprehensive care is provided to relatives of the victim.

Meanwhile, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported: “I contacted the father of the Williams School student, who unfortunately lost his life, I let him know that the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office will initiate an investigation to find out the truth. Our support and solidarity to the family”.

In social networks it was also denounced that the school’s reaction was to change the configuration of their accounts to make them private and prevent parents from posting messages.

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