The heartbreaking cry of the captain of the Ukraine team in the Everton-Manchester City preview

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* Oleksandr Zinchenko’s anguish in the Everton-Manchester City preview

The invasion of the Russian military troops to the Ukrainian territory keeps the whole world in suspense. The football environment is no stranger to this violent situation. In the last hours, players of different nationalities had to go through different odysseys to be able to escape from the war zone and there were also calls in different stadiums on the planet for the Russian army to cease action. One of those scenes was lived in the Goodison Park during the previous duel between Everton and Manchester City.

With shirts that said “No war” and they had the Ukrainian flag, all the athletes and also the fans made a respectful minute of reflection before the clash corresponding to the 27th date of the Premier League. Among those present were Ukrainian footballers Oleksandr Zinchenko and Vitaly Mykolenkowho are part of the Manchester City and Everton squad, respectively.

Zinchenko, who wore his country’s captain’s band during some matches of the last edition of the European Championship, did not hide the pain he is going through to see his nation being attacked by the Russian army and expressed his difficult moment with tears in his eyes. Both compatriots then melted into a heartfelt hug.

The embrace of Vitaliy Mykolenko and Oleksandr Zinchenko in the pre-match (Photo: Reuters) (JASON CAIRNDUFF /)

the man of the citizens He had been one of the first Ukrainian athletes to raise his voice against the military action promoted by Vladimir Putin. “I hope you die in the most painful way”, he wrote on his social networks along with a picture of the Russian president. The post, he said, was removed by the platform after being published.

Before the war broke out, Zinchenko had also raised a profound reflection on his networks: “The entire civilized world is concerned about the situation in my country. I can’t stay out and try to convey my opinion. My country. The country where I was born and raised. A country whose colors I defend in the international sports arena. A country that we try to glorify and develop. A country whose borders must remain inviolable. My country belongs to the Ukrainians and no one can ever take it over. We will not give up! Glory to Ukraine.”

The 25-year-old defensive player began his career in Russian football, but quickly made his way to the Netherlands to defend the jerseys of PSV Eindhoven and Jong PSV. In 2017, City opted for him with a five-year contract: he has won ten titles with this club so far. Mykolenko, a 22-year-old defender, arrived at Everton during the first days of 2022 after being part of Dinamo Kiev for five seasons.

“He is worried. How would you feel if the country where you were born and your family and friends live is attacked and innocent people are killed? How would you feel? I guess that’s how he feels and of course the team is very close to him, unconditionally.”raised Josep Guardiola about his direction in the previous game against Everton.

Zinchenko's emotion in the preview of the duel for the Premier League (Photo: Retuers)
Zinchenko’s emotion in the preview of the duel for the Premier League (Photo: Retuers) (PETER POWELL /)


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