The hidden and sexy side of Greg Calvillo, the TV Azteca news anchor

If you tune into the Azteca Uno programming, you will have seen that in the middle of the commercial breaks there are news breaks from Azteca Noticias, where Greg Calvillo regularly appears presenting current news with great seriousness and ease.

To appear with such neatness on screen, Greg has a hidden side that may not be imagined by those who watch him on television, but that is exposed only to his social media followers. And it is that the communicator spends a lot of time on his personal image.

Whether it’s time in the gym or aesthetic treatments, Greg seeks his personal image. That has caused flattering comments from both sexes to rain down on him. “Sexy little thing”, “I love you daddy”, “How beautiful” and “Papacito”, are some of the comments that men and women write to him on their networks.

Greg shows off his body from every angle…

Where did Greg Caldillo come from?

Gregorio Calvillo is a graduate of the 2005-2009 generation of the University of the Gulf of Mexico, Tuxpam campus, where he studied Communication Sciences.

He has worked at Azteca for more than a decade. He began as an intern at Azteca Veracruz and later came to the Ajusco offices. He worked in the News area as editor/producer of the international section, for the newscasts of journalists Jaime Guerrero, Mariano Rivapalacio and Javier Alatorre. He was also a reporter on the program Hola México, an informative magazine broadcast on the morning bar of Azteca 7.

Now he participates in news breaks and other content for Azteca.

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