The hidden truth about the unrecognized wife and daughter of “Chabelo”

This Saturday, March 25, Xavier López Rodríguez died and today we remember that if someone was strict and paid attention to the smallest detail to carry out ‘In family with Chabelo’ it was himself, because he wanted that every minute went perfectly, thus turning it into the television program longest-lived Mexican without interruptions.

“If it was a repetitive program it wouldn’t have lasted so long. Yes it was a program where it had things that were similar to other, and suddenly there were star contests, like the cataphyxia that was not missing. In fact, there are a couple of Guinness Records in that sense, one went to the driver for so many years representing the character Chabelo and to the program for having also been on the air for so many years without interruption, andn the same channel, with the same character and with the same theme”, said Jorge Alberto Aguilera, collaborator of En familia con Chabelo.

For his part, Producer Luis de Llano believes that the program from Chabelo it was one great sales formula and a great job was done.

“It was a good sales formula because it was full of sponsorships everywhere, always had sponsors and had a lot of positioning of brands. I think it was a tradition to see Chabelo, the way his program was made, did a very very good job marketing with himself.

There were few times that they had to suspend the transmissionno of’In Family with Chabelo’ for public emergencies of health in 2009, that prohibited public concentration in closed places due to the AH1N1 flu; also for transmission Olympic Games 2008 and 2012; as well as the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico; and the 2012 presidential election; and it was only once that suspended due to health problems of the comedian.

“When he was very big, they did suspend him, but some other occasion he broke his leg on the motorcyclebecause he left in a wheelchairso the children loved him,” said journalist Bárbara Martínez.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly in the labor field for Xavier López, but on a personal level it was not so much. his first wife It was Angelica Castany, who was he married to two years.

Later he married Teresita Mirandawith whom he had three children. But the controversy reached him when the rumors started around an alleged unrecognized daughter.

“He always maintained an impeccable image, and good thing, it was part of his success, be white, without trouble, without scandals. And suddenly someone comes out. Chabelo? Did Chabelo betray his way of being, his childhood, his whiteness and his wife? No. He tried to hide it, tried not to respond. You were trying to interview him on the subject and he turned around and left,” said journalist Arturo Pacheco.

‘The only public thing of mine is my work, Let it be the last time, I ask you please. I don’t interfere in your life’, Chabelo once replied to a reporter.

Although at first Xavier denied that he was the father of the minor, a DNA test proved the opposite.

“It bothered him a lot that they asked him about that. How did they criticize it back then?Why are you doing something bad? Bad things are always going to have consequences”, expressed Arturo Pacheco.

It was a extramarital affair with a lady with whom he had the daughter called leslie, according to Barbara Martinez.

“He filed a paternity suit. Indeed, she is her daughter. He gave her alimony, but he did not recognize her as his daughter. It is the only scandal that he has had as Xavier López, as Chabelo”, concluded Martínez.