The House of Famous Mexico: these were the first words of Paul Stanley after leaving the reality show

Paul Stanley spent 36 days in the House of Famous Mexico

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Just over a month after the premiere of The House of the Famous Mexicothe expulsion of a man was given for the first time. paul stanleySergio Mayer and Emilio Osorio faced each other in a elimination night with strong positions.

Bárbara Torres was the first to position herself behind Sergio Mayer, with whom she has experienced an intense war within the most controversial house for a matter of authenticity and honesty.

While Emilio Osorio became the first inhabitant of the season to have no position against him, paul stanley received the highest number of positions, since he was the only nominee from the fourth heaven, but also the vote did not go in his favor and he became the removed of the night.

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The 36 days of confinement were like hell for the beloved host of the “Hoy” program, since when he arrived at the forum for the nomination gala, he assured that they played with his emotions and he was “Scrubbed” by everything lived inside the reality show.

“Paul says that he came out very vulnerable, in reality what they experience is ‘psychological terror’, of course they come out very exhausted,” producer Reynaldo López, who has been the head of the “Hoy” program in different periods, wrote on Twitter.

Paul Stanley was loyal to his convictions

Over the clashes he had with Sergio Mayer Inside the house, Paul said: “I prefer never to do evil and that has always governed me… The treacherous are there… and it’s Sergio,” he said without hesitation.

Calm because of how he took his game inside the house, “I was never treacherous, I always I played true to my convictions”, Paul Stanley spoke with his friend, the host Galilea Montijo.

“And that’s the game congratulations Paul Stanley you are a mop!!!! Your whole family from the ‘Hoy’ program is waiting for you, I’m happy to see how you played honestly,” said producer Andrea Rodríguez, Paul’s current boss on the Las Estrellas morning show.