The House of Famous Mexico: They filter who will be the new members

What a surprise we have been when we found out that new participants will come to rock ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’.

‘The House of the Famous Mexico’ It is on everyone’s lips, because the Televisa reality show is being a great sensation on television in our country due to the celebrities who entered it and have given a lot to talk about from the first minute it began to be broadcast.

Now, we have learned that two new members would arrive at ‘The House of the Famous Mexico’since much has been speculated about it on social networks.

It was the influencer Juan Pablo Bojórquez who released the names of the two new participants that we will see in the coming days.

“Things are happening in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ … It turns out that María José Suárez is very confirmed; she started as an actress, then as a host on TV Azteca, she was on ‘Guerreros 2020’ as a guest and also on ‘Reto 4 elements ‘, loved by some, hated by others, controversial on social networks because she is one of those who fights with Internet users, she is a litigator… She is the wife of Mauricio Barcelata. She is already rooted, isolated in the hotel where the participants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ were, preparing.”

The tiktoker mentioned the name of the other participant who will enter along with Maria Jose Suarez48 years old, in the following days.

“And the other one that they already confirmed to me, Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez43 years old, it is true that he is going to enter ‘The House of the Famous’ next Monday”.

In addition, the journalist also mentions that “possibly they have several celebrities rooted in a hotel, since they are still checking the situation abroad of participants such as nigris ponchoit is not known what his legal status with Azteca is, because according to what he deceived them to enter ‘The House of the FamousI already had everything planned.”

It should be noted that the names of Jose Eduardo Derbez and Kunno They also sound in networks to enter the house, but it is said that the son of Victoria Ruffo it was already discarded.

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