The humiliating moment when a Russian brigade flees from Bakhmut in full commemoration of Victory Day

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces confirmed Tuesday night on its Telegram account that one of the Russian brigades trying to take full control of the city of Bakhmut abandoned their positions leaving behind “500 corpses”.

“It’s official. Information from Prigozhin (head of the Wagner Group) about the escape of the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Russian armed forces and about ‘the 500 corpses‘ that the Russians left there is true”, reads the message posted on the official account of the Ukrainian brigade.

The withdrawal of the Russian brigade

In one of his videos about the situation at the front, Prigozhin had accused on Tuesday to the 72 brigade of the Russian army to abandon their positions after losing “three square kilometers” in a “strategic” area in which the Russians lost 500 men. “They took their things and just ran away,” Prigozhin said.

“Why can’t the state manage to defend the country?” he said just as Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over a military parade in Moscow to commemorate the victory against the Nazis in 1945.

In your message, Ukraine’s Army’s Third Separate Brigade claims to have eliminated 64 Russian fighters and injured 87 others in two days southeast of Bakhmutwhere Ukrainian forces continue to defend the part of the city they still control.

The video released, recorded from a drone and first-person shots, shows tanks firing as Russian soldiers flee the area. Behind them, Ukrainian soldiers run to try to catch up with them.

Withdrawal of Russian troops in Bakhmut capture
Ukrainian forces pursue the enemy

“Among the Russian casualties there are mercenaries from the Wagner group,” says the note from the Ukrainian brigade, which also reports the capture of 5 Russian prisoners of war and the destruction of Russian military equipment.

Also, images were disseminated with Statements by Colonel Andriy Biletskyof the Ukrainian national guard, and former head of the Azov brigade.

The advance of the 3rd Assault Brigade [ucraniana] defeated units of the 72nd Brigade [rusa]. The 6th and 8th companies of that brigade [rusa] they were completely destroyed. The brigade reconnaissance force has been defeated“, summarized.

By his count, a considerable number of BMPs were destroyed [vehículos de combate de infantería] and many prisoners were taken. “The whole area was completely liberated from the Russian occupation forces,” he celebrated.

Withdrawal of Russian troops in Bakhmut capture
A Russian prisoner of war in Ukrainian hands

Russia launched its offensive on Bakhmut in August last year. Despite controlling most of the municipality’s territory, Russian forces have still failed to completely drive the Ukrainians out of this minor city that they have invested considerable technical and human resources in conquering.

Ukraine has also suffered significant casualties in the defense of Bakhmut. kyiv justifies its insistence on defending its last positions in the city on the benefits of wearing down Russian troops and preventing them from launching offensive actions on other segments of the front.

(With information from EFE)

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