The images of the moment in which Matías Zaracho was intimidated by Atlético Mineiro bars in a bar

The former Racing during a match against Palmeiras in Brazil. Photo: REUTERS/Fernando Bizerra (FERNANDO BIZERRA/)

These are not happy days Matthias Zaracho in Brazil. The former Racing midfielder is going through an unstable present in the Atletico Mineiro and the fans of the team let him know in beautiful horizon. It is that the Argentine had a bad time when he was approached by a group of club fans who are in charge of controlling the social life of the players. An uncomfortable situation that the young man went through emerged from the Academy when He was in a bar with his family.

According to local press reports, members of a faction of organized supporters of the Atletico Mineiro last night approached a nightclub in the region of Pampulhain Belo Horizonte, to speak with Zaracho. The information published by the newspaper Globe Sport, assures that “the situation happened the same day that one of the greatest references of the fans had written on social networks a request to the fans thatand denounce the Mineiro players who frequented bars and nightclubs”.

The message posted on social networks was threatening: “Have you seen a player Gallic in a bowling alley? Get in touch. Just send a photo and the location, we do the rest!”.

The violent organizing group published a photo of Zaracho chatting with some fans followed by the message: “If you, a player, want to visit clubs, think twice. We are the Mineiro Athletic Club”.

Zaracho also used social networks to comment on the matter and report the bad moment he lived with his inner circle: “To clear things up. I ate with my family who came to visit me from Argentina. I was drinking water and having a quiet time with people I don’t see every day. my family got scared”.

Atlético Mineiro is going through a bad moment in the season after the elimination in the Brazilian Cup, with the fired Argentine DT Anthony Mohamed. Then they hired cuckoo to replace the coach but only managed the 33% of the pointswas eliminated by palm trees in Libertadores Cup and is located in the seventh place in the Brazilian Championship.


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