The important change that Red Bull Racing is preparing to announce in Formula 1

Red Bull would announce in the coming days its union with Porsche in the face of the 2026 regulation change (Photo: Reuters) (RONALD WITTEK/)

The Formula 1 will experience one of those changes that may go unnoticed by many but will have a key impact on the fight for the title. Red Bullthe team that defends the championship crown and currently leads all fronts, is preparing to announce in the next few days an agreement that will open the range of possibilities: Porsche will buy 50% of Red Bull Technology and is expected to be the engine supplier from 2026 when a revolutionary modification will be made in the manufacture of the power unit.

According to various specialized media, the association between the last winning team of the drivers’ contest and the German car manufacturer will be released on August 4 although initially it was going to be published during the Austrian Grand Prix that took place during the first days of July. Although there are no further details on the relationship, it is understood that AlphaTauri –RB satellite team– It will also use Porsche power units although it will remain 100% under the Red Bull work orbit.

This agreement is not a minor detail if one takes into account that within four championships there will be a restart in the teams with the new regulations for the engines that will be inserted from 2026. The dossier on which the teams’ engineers will work for that time has not yet been officially published, but the FIA ​​has already made it known that the new parts will have “100 percent sustainable fuel, with global efficiency and a change of focus towards electrical energy”.

However, they will pursue the idea that the “show” continues under the same parameters as today: powerful engines, high revolutions, sound and good vehicle performance that allow drivers to compete without excessive differences.

After his departure from Renault, Red Bull used Honda engines (Photo: Reuters)
After his departure from Renault, Red Bull used Honda engines (Photo: Reuters) (Jerome Miron /)

These modifications opened the door to Formula 1 for porschebut also to Audiwho was in the dialogues to learn about the regulations with the intention of joining F1 in 2026. Audi expected to be linked to McLaren.

All this business project will have an absolute impact on F1, taking into account that Red Bull is one of the two teams that dominated the category during the last decade. The energizer team won its first “double” crown in 2010 with Sebastian Vettel at the helm and repeated the formula for the next three seasons, always with the drivers’ and constructors’ titles. After the hegemony of Mercedes that lasted seven seasons, Red Bull climbed to the top of the podium in 2021 with Max Verstappen but he could not conquer the crown of constructors that remained again in the German team.

On a historical level, Ferrari has 16 constructors’ titles, Williams 9, McLaren and Mercedes 8, Lotus 7 and Red Bull appear in sixth place with 4 coronations. This 2022 seems to smile at Christian Horner and his team: Max leads the drivers’ tournament with more than 60 points away from Charles Leclerc Ferrari and are at the top of the constructors’ table with more than 80 units difference over the Italians.

The Milton Keynes-based entity broke into F1 during 2005 with engines Cosworthbut from 2006 he jumped to the power units of ferrari. The link lasted only one season: Red Bull entered into an extensive deal with Renault starting in 2007 that lasted until 2018. with different shades. In the 2019 landed the popular Japanese brand Hondawith which they recovered the crown in 2021. However, the Asians announced that they would leave for this 2022 and opened an extensive question about the RB engines.

Those led by Horner had argued that would build their own engines initially with assistance from Honda and then until 2025 they would complete it with their teams until they start a new agreement with a motorist. However, during the first days of this year, the adviser Helmut Marko has slipped that the union with Honda will continue for the next three years, although the details of that link are unknown. This will allow the Red Bull Powertrains division to focus entirely on the revamped engines for 2026, which will surely have input from Porsche.

One of the questions that was raised when learning about the leak of this agreement that would be official in the coming days is the ability of the Germans to be in tune with the new demands of F1. Porsche was an elemental piece of the division in the 60s and was linked to the Máxima until the 80s when it even manufactured champion engines world championships with the crown that Niki Lauda won in 1984 aboard McLaren. However, he has been away from this elite for several decades and questions about the proposal they will present are already on the table. The objective? Support Red Bull to continue the top of the domain.

In 1984, Lauda was champion with Porsche engines (TV capture:
In 1984, Lauda was champion with Porsche engines (TV capture:


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