The important lesson that the Santa Fe Klan learned after lying on a bed of bills

Yordi Rosado and Santa Fe Klan had a pleasant talk that was celebrated by their fans.


Santa Fe Klan He has become, over the years, one of the main exponents of urban music in Mexico, and although his eccentricities are known, the rapper took time to make important reflections in a talk with Yordi Rosado.

During the entertaining interview that is now available on YouTube, Santa Fe Klan was frank when talking to Yordi Rosado about his life in the Santa Fe neighborhoodlocated in one of the most marginal areas of Guanajuato: “I only remember my neighborhood.”

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Ángel Jair Quezada, real name of the Santa Fe Klan,He opened his heart as he had never done before and remembered his humble origins.s, as well as the important lessons that having everything so quickly has taught him.


Yordi Rosado asked the Santa Fe Klan about his life in the neighborhoodand if this was still a dangerous place: “The neighborhood is not violent, the neighborhood is beautiful and there is happiness because money is not happiness. In the neighborhood there is the family, there are the morrillos who come out to play, but it is like a lion when he is hungry, he has to be alert,” said the rapper.

“I have stayed to sleep with bills, with money there finishing singing; and clearly, you don’t feel anything”

They are well known on social networks the humble gestures that the urban artist has had with his fans…but also the eccentricities of the rapper, who does not stop show off every chance you get about the luxuries you enjoy todaylike the expensive designer outfits she sports.

That’s right: Santa Faith Klan learned an important lesson about money and happiness after once having the opportunity to sleep on a real “bill bed” to see what it felt like.

“I say to myself, ‘well this is what I have’… and I have stayed to sleep with bills, with money there finishing singing; and net, you don’t feel anything”said the rapper, who understood that money is not everything, much less happiness.

“People think that money is happinessand I have done it (sleep on bills) to feel happiness, to feel good, and well no, you don’t feel anything“, he concluded Santa Fe Klan.