The incredible story of the baby who survived 128 hours under the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey and is now reunited with her mother

Little Vetin Begdas after being rescued under the rubble

The photo of little Vetin Begdas after being rescued from the ruins of what was her home —she remained 128 hours under the rubble— moved the entire world. It was a miracle that a baby of only two months survived in such conditions. The incident occurred at the beginning of February in the Turkish province of hatai, where an earthquake, which also struck neighboring Syria, killed some 56,000 people. And the dead were believed to be the baby’s family.

However, the story ended with a happy ending. Turkish authorities they found Vetin’s mother, who had been transferred to the Turkish city of Adana to be treated for her injuries. She remained there for 54 days without news from her family, until he was able to meet her daughter, who is now three and a half months old.

Yasemin Begdas, the baby’s mother, was injured, while her husband and two of their children—Vetin’s brothers—lost their lives.

baby Türkiye
The little girl is carried by a Turkish official

After being rescued, The baby was taken to a hospital for a checkup.s. However, she did not present any health problems.

While they were trying to find her family, the baby traveled to the capital Ankara on the presidential plane and was in the care of an institution affiliated with the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

The weeks passed and the Ministry of Family and Social Services evaluated the reports and tried to find the baby’s family. And the day came when the authorities, after conducting a DNA test, they found Vetin’s mother.

baby Türkiye
Minister Derya Yanık gives the baby a bottle

The Turkish Minister Derya Yanık was in charge of all the preparations for the meeting and came down with the baby for the emotional meeting with her mother.

“Many provinces were affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras on February 6. One of the most affected places was Hatay. The baby, who was found 128 hours later, is truly a miracle. Her survival and her good health is amazing. The fact that she did not have any problems made us all very happy ”, said the minister Yanık to Turkish media.

Explaining the efforts made to reunite the baby with his family, Yanık said: “His mother continues to receive treatment. There is no problem in her general health. After she recovers, we will leave the baby in her mother’s custody. And she is now our baby too. Our support in the Ministry of Family and Social Services made his assessment.

baby Türkiye
Minister Derya Yanık watches the meeting between the mother and her daughter

The minister added that having reunited the mother with her daughter is one of the most exciting moments in her life.

The minister concluded: “Sharing that happiness was also very significant for us. I wish and hope that God grants them a long and happy life so that they will never be separated again.

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