The influencer Jorge Peña is a trend in social networks for altruistic work

The renowned influencer, expert in Oral Health Jorge Peña has launched the project “What happened to your Teeth”.

Where it will return the smile to hundreds of Dominicans who have had problems with their teeth, people interested in being chosen must participate by writing a letter to the dental specialist, explaining how they got to that state of their teeth and why they deserve to be winners of this project, email [email protected] or Instagram @dr.jorgepena_ and @alodontologo.

The most impressive and emotional cases will be chosen to transform their smile, a first meeting is held from the house of the winning person, to get to know them in a personal, social and emotional way.

After this, the smile transformation plan is launched, where all the dental procedures required to return beautiful teeth are performed, all of this is free of charge.

This project was a dream that the CEO of the “Al Odontólogo” clinics had since he studied dentistry. Jorge Peña is an altruistic professional who has always carried with him the contribution in the lives of others, he thanks God for giving him the opportunity to Contributing to the lives of others, giving what I have received in my life by grace fills me with satisfaction, says the Oral Health expert.

Christmas is a time of peace and love, where I reiterate to various colleagues that they replicate the good deeds, that they contribute their grain of sand in whatever they can “be of use to me is the most important thing, it fills me with great satisfaction, it is what It gives me fulfillment in life», expresses the successful dental entrepreneur.

The project will be extended on a monthly basis due to the great reception it has had and seeing the need of thousands of people who have dental problems, but do not have sufficient financial resources.