The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack that left 84 dead at the tribute ceremony for Qassem Soleimani in Iran

Material damage from the double attack carried out near the tomb in Kerman of Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/Farsnews/)

He Islamic State claimed this Thursday the double suicide attack that on Wednesday left at least 84 dead in the town of Kerman, in southern Iran, during the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the assassination of the Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani at the hands of the United States.

The terrorist group said in a statement released through its Telegram channels that two of its members “went towards a large concentration” near Soleimani’s tomb in Kerman e “They detonated their explosive belts”, which caused the death of 84 people and the injury of more than 200, according to Iranian authorities, when the fourth anniversary of the general’s death was commemorated.

This Thursday, the state agency IRNA reported that the investigation pointed to a suicide bomber in the first detonation, whose identity has not yet been established.

For its part, the Persian regime quickly blamed the United States and Israel for the attack.

“Washington says the United States and Israel had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Kerman, Iran. Really? (…) Do not get wrong. The responsibility for this crime lies with the American and Zionist regimes, and terrorism is just a tool,” said Mohammad Jamshidi, advisor to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

The United States denied that Israel or itself were involved “in any way,” with a senior official saying that “it looks like a terrorist attack, the kind of thing that IS (the Islamic State group) has done in the past.”

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