The Israel Defense Forces bombed the home of Hamas political chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh

He Israeli Army continues this Thursday its offensive by air, sea and land in the Gaza Stripwhere destroyed the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Political Bureau of the terrorist group Hamaswhile preparing to deepen the attacks in the south of the enclave.

“During the night, Israel Defense Forces fighter jets attacked the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas Political Bureau,” who lives exiled in Qatar for years, indicated an Army spokesperson.

That house “was used as terrorist infrastructure and often served as a meeting point for senior Hamas leaders to direct terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers”he explained.

This operation took place in the refugee camp Al Shatiin the northern Gaza Strip, near the Mediterranean, where Israeli troops “located and destroyed a weapons depot of Hamas naval forceswhich contained diving equipment, explosive devices and weapons,” the spokesperson said.

During the operation, Israeli soldiers clashed with militants and confiscated explosive belts, explosive barrels, anti-tank missiles, communications equipment and intelligence documents.

Since the war began, more than a month ago, Palestinian media reported on the death of fifteen members of Haniyeh’s family due to Israeli attacksincluding a brother, a nephew and a granddaughter.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hosein Amir Abdolahianhas met at least twice with Haniyeh in Qatar since the escalation began, a gesture of public support.

On the other hand, the Israeli Army continues to surround the Al Shifa hospitalin Gaza City, where an operation was carried out on Wednesday “precise and selective”according to a military spokesman.

The Israeli Army claimed to have found in that medical center, where some 3,000 patients – among them 36 newborns -, medical personnel and displaced people are sheltering, “a command center, weapons and technological assets” of Hamas, while the personnel who work there denies any military activity.

In addition to these operations in the north of the Strip, the Israeli Army is preparing to take the south, where some 1.7 million Gazans have been displaced, more than two-thirds of the population.

An Israeli soldier participates in an operation at a location indicated as the Gaza Port, in this image released on November 16, 2023. Israel Defense Forces/Handout via REUTERS (ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCES/)

On Wednesday, the Army requested the evacuation of several villages in Khan Yunis governorate through leaflets dropped from the air.

All this occurs amid growing international pressure for a ceasefire, which Israel rejects.

Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7 after a massive attack by the terrorist group that included the launching of thousands of rockets and the infiltration into Israeli territory of some 3,000 militiamen who massacred some 1,200 people and kidnapped another 240.

Since then, Israel’s air, naval and ground forces have relentlessly attacked the Gaza Strip, leaving more than 11,300 dead, 29,200 injured and 3,600 missing under the rubble.

(With information from EFE)