The Israel Defense Forces called up its reservists after the murder of two women in the West Bank

Israeli soldiers in the West Bank (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed) (Majdi Mohammed/)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) summoned the reservists amid tensions over the attack on west bank which claimed the lives of two sisters and left their mother seriously injured.

After a security meeting, the Defense Minister, Yoav Gallantordered security to be tightened on all roads and communities across the country following the deadly attack in the West Bank and a large multi-pronged explosion, local media said. The Times of Israel.

Gallant’s office said it has received updates on the investigation into the shooting at the Jordan Valley and efforts to locate and arrest perpetrators.

The meeting was attended by Major State Boss of the IDF, Herzi Halevithe heads of the agencies Shin Bet and Mossad and other high-ranking military commanders.

Meanwhile, coalition lawmakers urged a strong response to the deadly attack they labeled a terrorist attack.

Palestinian shooting attack in northern west bank it killed two women and seriously injured another, Israeli medics said.

the rescue service Magen David Adom of Israel said two women in their 20s were killed and another woman in her 40s was seriously injured near the settlement of Hamra in the Jordan Valley.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.  REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File Photo
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File photo (AMIR COHEN/)

Medics said they removed the three unconscious women from their car, which apparently crashed after a Palestinian allegedly opened fire on it from a nearby vehicle. The Israeli army said security forces were searching for the attacker.

The shooting follows months of unusually intense violence in the occupied West Bank and comes just hours after Israeli warplanes struck what the army described as Palestinian militant targets in the Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The army said the assailants attacked the Hamra crossing in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. He did not immediately provide details on the identity of the dead women.

The army said it had blocked roads around the scene of the shooting and launched a manhunt for the attackers.

It was the largest salvo fired from Lebanon since Israel waged a 34-day war with the militant group. hezbollah backed by Iran in 2006 and the first time Israel has confirmed an attack on Lebanese territory since April 2022.

It came after Israeli police clashed with Palestinians inside the mosque on Wednesday in al aqsa in annexed east Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.

The injured woman was airlifted to a Jerusalem hospital for medical attention.

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