The Israel Defense Forces completed the siege of Jabalia and prepare to eliminate Hamas from the Gazan city

In a night operation, The 162nd Division of the Israel Defense Forces has managed to close the siege around Jabalia and is ready to advance in the next phase of the military offensive. Military action has resulted in the elimination of terrorist elements and the destruction of infrastructure used by hostile groups in the region.

The 215 artillery units and air force aircraft have played a crucial role in preparing the ground for the confrontation in the Jabalia area. Coordinating efforts, these forces have carried out precise strikes against terrorist targets supported by fighter jets and drones.

The Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, highlighted the determination and precision with which the operation is being carried out, underscoring the Israel Defense Forces’ commitment to security and neutralizing threats in the region. The current situation reflects a significant step towards achieving the strategic objectives set by the military authorities.

Likewise, the Israeli Army attacked positions of the Lebanese party-militia again this Tuesday. Hezbollah and has proceeded to launch several anti-tank missiles against areas of southern Lebanon as exchanges of fire on both sides of the border progress.

Palestinians walk at the site of Israeli attacks on houses, in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, November 21, 2023. REUTERS/Abed Sabah (STRINGER/)

“Israel Defense Forces (IDF) aircraft recently identified and attacked three anti-tank squadrons in the Lebanese border area. In addition, fighter jets have attacked several terrorist targets of the Hezbollah organization, including military infrastructure.”the Israeli forces have indicated in a message broadcast through X, formerly known as Twitter.

Thus, they have denounced the launch from Lebanon of a mortar projectile against an Israeli Army checkpoint on the border, although they have ruled out for the moment the presence of victims and injuries.

The attack occurred in response to launches carried out from the area against Army positions in northern Israel, a situation that has been repeated in recent weeks. This same Tuesday, several projectiles fell on the city of Metulain northern Israel, so the Army has opened artillery fire.

The mayor of Metula, David Azoulayhas regretted that the surroundings of the town are “empty” due to the threat from Hezbollah and has requested that a “security zone” of between four and five kilometers be established north of the border, according to information from the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’. “They tell us that the leader of Hezbollah (Hassan Nasrallah) will not start a war, but we are already at war,” he stated.