The Israeli Army and Hamas terrorists fight in the destroyed streets and dark tunnels of Gaza

(Special envoy to Israel’s border with Gaza).- The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) advance into enemy territory, despite the resistance offered by Hamas in the destroyed streets and dark tunnels that cross the Gaza Strip.

The fighting has no respite and on the border you can clearly hear how the missiles fall and the anti-tank grenades explode, while the closed night lights up – again and again – with the flares launched by the Israeli offensive to signal terrorist cells.

The Erez crossing links Israel with Gaza, and is the only one – when open – that allows Palestinians to cross on foot. Today at noon, an Israel Defense Forces patrol He faced a fundamentalist cell, who tried to enter Israeli territory through a tunnel that he had opened near the Erez Pass. It was a fierce combat that ended with the death of the terrorists.

Hamas has built more than 500 kilometers of tunnels and this is its main tactical advantage against the Israeli offensive. In the case of the Erez Pass, Israeli soldiers acted in time and blocked the terrorists’ stealthy advance.

Israel seeks to destroy Hamas terrorist tunnels (Lihueel Althabe) (Lihueel Althabe/)

But in the last 36 hours of combat, different warlike situations occurred. Hamas knows how to use those tunnels and Israel’s casualties are kept a military secret. The war cabinet has already assumed that the fighting for control of the tunnels will be the key to defeating Hamas and occupying Gaza.

When clashes occur in open areas, numerical superiority and the combined war effort pierce the terrorist organization’s line of defense. The bombings, the cannon shots from the Mediterranean Sea and the march of the tanks imply a military movement that They push the Hamas fedayeen to the rear.

It is very difficult to specify the casualties and wounded in both trenches, but in Jerusalem and Gaza they assured Infobae that the Israeli offensive opened a gap in the Hamas defense line, which began a tactical withdrawal in the last hours.

Conflict coverage - Israel - Palestine - Bombing in Gaza - October 2023
Hezbollah missiles fell in depopulated areas of Israel (Lihueel Althabe) (Lihueel Althabe/)

Meanwhile, Hezbollah attacked from the northern border with 16 anti-tank missiles that fell on depopulated localities. It is double the rockets launched on Saturday by Lebanese terrorists.

Army sources indicated to this medium that one of the missiles hit an Israeli buildingbut it was unoccupied.

In a statement, the IDF added that a terrorist operating a drone that approached Israeli airspace in the security fence area was also identified. The extremist was shot down by an Israeli dronewhile another also died when approaching the security fence in Hanita.

“Since the beginning of the war, IDF Northern Command soldiers have taken down terrorist cells in Lebanon. “Most of them were killed before they managed to fire into Israeli territory,” the Army noted in the text.

He added: “IDF soldiers, tanks, artillery and fighter aircraft continue to maintain a high level of defensive readiness and operate constantly to eliminate the threat.”

Amid growing tension in the region, this Sunday The Iranian regime launched a new threat to Israel for its military response to the Hamas attacks.

“The crimes of the Zionist regime have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action. Washington asks us to do nothing, but continues to give broad support to Israel. The US sent messages to the Axis of Resistance but received a clear response on the battlefield,” the Persian president expressed on his social network account X. Ebrahim Raisiwho, in an unusual event, published the message in English.