The Israeli Army announced that it is fighting Hamas near its headquarters in Gaza City

The Israeli Army, that increasingly deepens its terrestrial incursion into the Gaza Stripreported this Thursday that he is fighting in the “military barracks” of Hamas in Gaza City, where he shot down 50 terrorist operations.


According to the Defense Forces in a statement, the so-called military barracks, adjacent to the Shifa Hospitalis “the heart” of the terrorist group’s operational and intelligence activities, and locations in the area were used to plan and prepare for the October 7 attack.

Israel Defense Forces fight at Hamas “military headquarters” in Gaza City
Hamas rockets found in the headquarters of the terrorist group (IDF)

The headquarters houses “strategic” Hamas locations, according to the IDF, including the headquarters of intelligence and air defense of the terrorist group, offices of the political bureau and a police station.

“Over the past few days, the infantry, armor and engineering forces of the Givati ​​Brigade Combat Team worked to purify the area and neutralize the numerous terrorist infrastructures in the area, including extensive underground infrastructure, while simultaneously fighting continued fighting and the elimination of dozens of terrorists,” the IDF said.

Amid clashes in the area, More than 50 Hamas operatives diedaccording to the IDF.

Israel Defense Forces fight at Hamas “military headquarters” in Gaza City
Israel Defense Forces fight at Hamas “military headquarters” in Gaza City

The IDF says troops found intelligence material, tunnels, weapons manufacturing plants and launching positions of anti-tank missiles.

The IDF says Hamas’ largest training camp is also located in the barracks, along with other military positions, weapons manufacturing plants and warehouses, command centers, offices of Hamas commanders, and underground infrastructure – all embedded in it “heart of the civilian population.”

“This is further evidence of the terrorist organization’s cynical use of residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields for its murderous terrorist activity,” the IDF said.

Fighting in the area continuesthe army added.

This Thursday, the Israeli Army also reported that its air forces Hamas anti-tank missile unit chief killed. Since the war started, Israel has killed at least a dozen Hamas commanders.

Meanwhile, the ground forces took “a military bastion of the Hamas terrorist organization in the west of Jabalia”, in the north of the enclave, after 10 hours of fighting that resulted in the death of several militiamen, the confiscation of weapons and the destruction of tunnels, including one located near a daycare center, the IDF spokesperson said.

Israeli soldiers carry out an operation in the Gaza Strip. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)
Israeli soldiers carry out an operation in the Gaza Strip. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg) (Ohad Zwigenberg/)

During years, Hamas has built an extensive network of tunnels underground in the Strip and, since the beginning of the war, some 130 sections – many of them near civilian facilities such as schools or mosques according to Israel – have been destroyed by Israeli forces.

On the other hand, the troops identified Hamas weapons production and storage facility next to a children’s roominside a residential building, close to the schools in the neighborhood of Sheikh Radwanin northern Gaza.

Since the war began, 352 Israeli soldiers have been killed, including at least 34 in the ground incursion into Gaza that began on October 27.

Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7 after an attack by the terrorist group that included rocket fire and the infiltration of some 3,000 militiamen who They massacred about 1,400 people -mostly civilians- and kidnapped another 240 in Israeli villages near Gaza.

Since then, Hamas has not stopped launching rockets towards Israeli soil, while the Israeli Army has responded with daily and forceful bombings on the Gaza Strip and an unprecedented ground incursion in recent years, which has left more than 10,500 Palestinians dead. dead, 26,400 injured and 2,550 missing, the vast majority civilians