The Israeli Army attacked Lebanon in response to Hezbollah’s drone launch

He Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah launched this Wednesday a series of projectiles against Israelwhose Defense Forces responded with fire, in a new barrage of hostilities in the border area.

The air raid sirens were activated this morning in Rosh Hanikra, a tourist town in the extreme northwest of Israel bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean, and the Israeli Army confirmed that “several (rocket) launches crossing from Lebanon were identified.”

The anti-aircraft defense system “successfully intercepted several of the launches,” while others fell on uninhabited terrain, “according to protocol,” an Israeli military spokesman reported.

Israeli Defense Forces “They attacked fire spots” and “additional areas in Lebanon”he explained.

In the afternoon, the Israeli Army reported that “three hostile aircraft” launched from Lebanon fell in northern Israel in the area of ​​Mt. dovbetter known internationally as Granjas de Cheba, on the border between both countries.

Israeli attack in southern Lebanon (Europa Press/Ayal Margolin) (Europa Press/Contact/Ayal Margo/)

Israeli warplanes attacked Hezbollah “military positions” and infrastructure after new projectiles were launched towards Israel in the afternoon, according to a military statement.

Hezbollah on Wednesday claimed responsibility for five attacks against northern Israelincluding a launch of large-caliber ‘Burkan’-type missiles towards a military post and a simultaneous attack against several groups of soldiers using drones and artillery.

The Shiite formation also claimed in a series of statements two other actions with weapons, without specifying military positions, as well as a launch of guided missiles.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported this Wednesday that at least three people died due to an Israeli bombing against a home in the south of the country, including a Hezbollah fighter.

An Israeli artillery unit fires during a military exercise in northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon (Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News)
An Israeli artillery unit fires during a military exercise in northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon (Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News) (Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News / ContactoPhoto/)

The agency did not specify whether all the victims were civilians or who was the target of the attack, but Hezbollah confirmed in a statement that the deceased, identified as Ali Ahmed Bazzibelonged to their ranks.

The Israeli-Lebanese border is experiencing its greatest tension since the war fought between Hezbollah and Israel in 2006, following a resurgence in aggression by pro-Palestinian militias the day after the outbreak of the war between the terrorist group Hamas and the State. Jew.

Since the beginning of hostilities in the area, more than 171 dead: 13 in Israel – 9 soldiers and 4 civilians – and at least 159 in Lebanon, including 122 members of Hezbollah, 16 members of Palestinian militias, one soldier and 20 civilians.

Israel has deployed more than 200,000 troops to its northern border, where violence has also displaced thousands of residents: some 80,000 people have been evacuated from communities in northern Israel and more than 70,000 have fled southern Lebanon.

(With information from EFE)