The Israeli Army found a copy of Adolf Hitler’s book “My Struggle” translated into Arabic at a terrorist base in Gaza

President Isaac Herzog holds a copy of an Arabic translation of “Mein Kampf” found by Israeli troops at a terrorist base in the Gaza Strip (Israeli Presidency)

The Israeli president, Isaac Herzogrevealed that An annotated copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was found in a room that was used as a base by terrorists in the north of the Gaza Strip.

“This is Adolf Hitler’s book, ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle), translated into Arabic. “This is the book that led to the Holocaust and the book that led to World War II,” Herzog denounced.

As detailed Jerusalem Post, the book was found among the personal belongings of a terrorist. “He wrote notes, marked sections, and studied over and over Adolf Hitler’s ideology of hating Jews, killing Jews, burning and massacring Jews wherever they were.. “This is the real war we face,” he denounced.

“Following the massacre and atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 – the day in which the largest number of Jews were murdered since the Holocaust – this is another revelation that attests to the sources of inspiration of the terrorist organization Hamas, and prove once again that all your actions They have the same objective as the Nazis: the destruction of the Jews“, the Israeli presidency stated in a statement.

Mein Kampf in Arabic
The copy of “Mein Kampf” with annotations (Presidency of Israel)

It is never again NOW“, the Defense Forces wrote in their X account. The post includes images of the book found at the terrorist base. And they add: “Hamas embraces the ideology of Hitler, responsible for the annihilation of the Jewish people.”

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After the bloody attack by Hamas on October 7, the Israel Defense Forces found hundreds of documents and materials from the terrorist group such as encrypted phones, telecommunications equipment and manuals. Among that material were “detailed orders” to attack Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip, along with pamphlets.

In one of the confiscated manuals, coordinated actions, the phases of the attack, key words are described, and there is a section dedicated to the kidnapping of civilians in places near the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army indicated.

Infobae had access to a document written in Arabic that a terrorist captured near Gaza had hidden, which revealed the bloody mission assigned to a fundamentalist cell that crossed the border to carry out the attacks. After describing the mission, the operations plan lists the number of terrorists that made up each of the combat teams, the weapons they would carry in the attack against the kibbutz and how they would move on the roads of southern Israel: “Each combat team It will have 13 members (26 terrorists in total plus a commander), they will use two jeeps and 12 motorcycles, and they will carry machine guns and anti-aircraft attack equipment.”

Many residents of the kibbutz were killed and wounded by Hamas, and others are presumed kidnapped in the Gaza Strip.

Days ago, the Israeli premier, Benjamin Netanyahu compared the leader of the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, with the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, and with the last days he spent “in his bunker.” “They both deserved to die,” Netanyahu said. “He doesn’t care about his nation and acts like a little Hitler in his bunker”he claimed.

“He cares as much about his people as a speck of dust,” Netanyahu stressed.