The Israeli Army neutralized four other Hezbollah military posts in Lebanon

New day of crossfire between Israel and Hezbollah on the northern border: the IDF neutralized four terrorist posts (Europa Press) (Marwan Naamani/Dpa/)

The Army of Israel and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah This Saturday they maintained a new day of crossfire on the northern border, which ended with four terrorist targets eliminated. Precisely, the Defense Forces confirmed that its aviation had successfully reached two observation posts of the Shiite terrorist group in Marwahin and Ayta ash Shab, as well as a military command center with fighters in Yaroun – to the south – and a launching point rockets.

The offensive occurred in response to a previous maneuver by Hezbollah against Israel that occurred “throughout the day” and involved “three attacks from Lebanon, which hit open areas in Baram and Zarit,” in the north of the country, they added. from the Army and stated that there were no injuries.

A similar episode had also occurred the day before, with an exchange of fire and several missiles hitting the areas of Avivim and Yiron, in the north of Israel, to which it responded with offensives on a Hezbollah military base in Blida and a truck in Kafar Shuba – in southern Lebanon – where weapons were stored.

This dynamic has been repeated almost daily since October, when the war between Israel and Hamas began, to which Hezbollah added this new front as a sign of support for the Palestinian fighters.

Members of an Iraqi Shiite armed group attend the funeral of a Kataib Hezbollah fighter, who was killed in a U.S. airstrike, in Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)
Hezbollah maintains its daily offensives on Israel (AP) (Hadi Mizban/)

Tel Aviv, however, has expressed its willingness to avoid a regional escalation of the conflict, which is why it advocates a diplomatic channel to resolve the crossings on the northern border instead of advancing on the territory. In any case, the risk of a confrontation is increasingly high since the counterparty is not open to ceasing its attacks and only intensifies them.

In that sense, this week the Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallantreiterated that his troops “are ready and prepared for a campaign in the north” and warned that “the time will come when Our patience will run out and we will have to act forcefully to impose peace on the northern border, (…) for the sake of changing the security situation and the security of the citizens of Israel.” He then added that although “it would be complex for Israel,” it would be “devastating for Hezbollah and Lebanon.”

In the past he had also told the Lebanese people that images of the Army’s advance in Gaza could easily be replicated in Beirut.

Gallant warned that a truce with Hamas does not imply an end to the attacks on Lebanon (Europa Press)
Gallant warned that a truce with Hamas does not imply an end to the attacks on Lebanon (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/Ariel Herm/)

On the other hand, while debating a new possible truce between Hamas and Israelwhich involves the release of the hostages still in enemy hands in exchange for a cessation of attacks on the Palestinian enclave, Gallant anticipated that this will not imply an end to the hostilities on the northern border.

“If Hezbollah thinks that when there is a pause in the fighting in the south (Gaza), we will stop shooting at them, they are very wrong,” he concluded after meeting with troops on Mount Hermon, in the Golan Heights.

Since the beginning of the attacks on this front, more than 230 people have already died, most of them Lebanese Shiite terrorists; In fact, the group confirmed at least 176 casualties in its ranks. 20 members of Palestinian militias, one soldier and 24 civilians also lost their lives. Meanwhile, on the Israeli side there are 18 fatalities, 12 soldiers and six civilians.

(With information from EFE)