The Israeli Army shelled Islamic Jihad military posts and rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli Army shelled Islamic Jihad military posts and rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem) (MOHAMMED SALEM/)

The Israeli Army carried out this Friday new bombardments against “military posts” and “rocket launcher” of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, in the framework of the ‘Shield and Sword’ operation, with no information on victims in the Palestinian enclave as a result of this new round of attacks.

“Tonight we have attacked military posts and rocket launchers that belong to the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad,” said Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagani, who added that “the quality of intelligence information allows significant achievements.”

After the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad fired long-range rockets at Israel on Thursday – with shrapnel ripping through apartments and killing one person – the Israeli army said its warplanes had attacked Islamic Jihad rocket launchers. Gazans reported explosions at farms near the southern city of Rafah. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Despite these sporadic Israeli attacks, the situation as of early Friday was relatively calm. Islamic Jihad contained rocket fire overnight, raising hopes that Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations could negotiate a ceasefire.

Cross-border exchanges this week have pitted Israel against Islamic Jihad, the second largest militant group in Gaza after Hamas. Since Tuesday, Israel claims its attacks have killed five senior Islamic Jihad officials. Islamic Jihad has responded by firing more than 800 rockets into densely populated areas of Israel. In that time, the Israeli military has used airstrikes to hit at least 215 targets in Gaza, including rocket and mortar launch sites and militants preparing to use them.

(With information from Europa Press and AP)

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