The Israeli Defense Forces bombed positions of the terrorist group Hezbollah on the border

The Israel Defense Forces bombed positions of the terrorist group Hezbollah. (AP) (Hussein Malla/)

He Israeli army announced this Thursday that it attacked several positions of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah near the border with Israelincluding an observation post from where they launched anti-tank missiles the day before.

The Israel Defense Forces (FDI) indicated in a statement published on their website that these attacks were carried out “in response to the shooting incidents against Israel over the past day.”

The television network Al Mayadin reported that one of the airstrikes targeted a monument of Qasem Soleimaniformer commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who died in a US bombing in Iraq in 2020. The Lebanese militia has echoed the news, which has shared it through its Telegram channel.

On the eve, Hezbollah announced the death of two of its militiamen, identified as Ali Muhmad Marmar and Taha Abbas Abbas, after the IDF intercepted four projectiles out of a total of nine in a new crossfire following the clashes that broke out on October 7 with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

(With information from Europa Press)