The Joker virus returns to cell phones, we have the list of applications with malware for you to uninstall

Joker malware can steal information and make purchases without user authorization (Photo: Web archive)

In the past the Joker malware, hosted in apps, had already been controlled by Google to stop infecting devices with operating system AndroidHowever, it has returned with a new methodology that has affected thousands of users.

Therefore, users are being alerted to uninstall the applications infected with the malware, or not to download them and to prevent their personal information from being compromised.

The Russian Android malware analyst, Tatyana Shishkova, reported that a trojan virus by name Joker it was in several applications which, some of them had up to more than 30 thousand downloads. It found that at least 20 applications including games, document readers, loading animations and more, with innocent appearance, were used as bait.

Some have already been removed from Google play however, there is an infected app in the process of being downloaded from the system, so the user should avoid it without hesitation. The removed apps are:

joker malware
App that contained the Joker malware (Photo: Screenshot)

-Volume Hearing Boost

-Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects

-Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

-Easy PDF Scanner

-Smart TV Remote

-Halloween Coloring

-Classic Emoji Keyboard

-Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer

-Super Hero Effect

-Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper

-Dazzling Keyboard

-EmojiOne Keyboard

-New QRCode Scan

joker malware
Infected application that was downloaded from the store (Photo: Screenshot)

Although none of the above is still available in the Google Play store, there is another linked to the Joker malware called Dedicated SMS that still active at the time of publication of this note and should not be downloaded.

In the event that someone has an app from the previous list, they should uninstall it as soon as possible and not reopen it to prevent the malicious code from spying or fraud.

How Joker works

Joker enters the user’s mobile to copy SMS messages and contacts, however, it is presumed that its main objective is steal money by various methods. For example, making automatic subscriptions to premium SMS services without the need for the user to interact, since it is enough to open the application.

How cybercriminals circumvent Google’s security

In the case of Joker, even though Google has made improvements to its malware detection system, has managed to continuously adapt, as cybercriminals make the pertinent modifications to circumvent the controls of Google Play Protect. According to the technology giant, they would be a team capable of launching dozens of malicious apps in one day.

joker malware
Application infected with Joker that until now is still active in the Google application store (Photo: Screenshot)

It is presumed that they manage to pass the security filters because they send the apps to review “clean” and when they arrive at the store they are injected with malware, or through an update, after get unleashed with fake reviews.

Despite Google’s best efforts, Joker continues to find the method to leak to the official application store, where it is assumed that there should be no danger to users of the platform.

Although at the moment it seems that Google has almost completely suppressed the Joker malware, it is possible that in the future the team of cybercriminals will find a new way to filter into the applications of the Play Store and do fraud through subscriptions to premium services without user authorization.

While the Joker is one of the most famous malware, there are other trojans that are filtered down to the Google Store as Face stealer who was staying in the app Super-Click VPN and that was recently taken down from the store.


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