The Kremlin threatened to invent criminal charges against officials who try to resign

FILE – Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during a news conference following a State Council meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, December 22, 2022. (Sergey Guneyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File) (Sergey Guneyev/)

The British Ministry of Defense revealed that Russia threatens to invent criminal charges against officials who try to resignwith the objective of prevent chaos in the Kremlin.

According to the latest intelligence report, the aTop Russian officials have shown a high degree of skepticism regarding the war in Ukraine, by the large number of casualties among Russian soldiers and the destruction of numerous military vehicles.

However, the Kremlin is blocking any resignation attempts by officials in order to avoid conveying an impression of defeatism.

This measure, he adds, probably also applies to regional leaders, security officials and members of the influential presidential administration.

In addition to worrying about potential leadership vacancies left by resignations, Putin seeks to avoid any hint of defeatism and strengthen a sense of collective responsibility for the war.

The ban was put in place after several senior government officials expressed their desire to resign after the start of the war, reliable sources have revealed to the independent Russian news outlet. Important Stories. The outlet also reported that it was hinted to some of them that they could be criminally prosecuted if they tried to resign.

The same ban applies to officials of the Russian secret service. In fact, since the mobilization decree signed by Vladimir Putin in September last year, several FSB officials have complained that they are prohibited from resigning even after their contract has expired.

Besides, the Kremlin imposed strict restrictions on foreign travel by top officials due to the fear that they will leave Russia. For months a special permit has been required for any trip and the passports of some officials have been confiscated, details Important Stories.

In addition, the media adds, the Russian government exhaustively monitors travel and has drawn up a list of destinations to control their movements.

A Kremlin source assured the independent Russian media that Putin himself has reviewed these lists to determine who can travel abroad and for what purpose.

The possibility of resigning, the one that Putin is so afraid of, responds to the poor Russian performance in Ukraine.

Days ago, in fact, the Zelensky government revealed that thehe number of “liquidated” Russian fighters since the start of the invasion has exceeded the threshold of 200,000, a figure much higher than that recognized by Moscow.

Ukraine claims that more than 200,000 Russian fighters have been
The report published by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian casualties.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army said in a message on its account on the social network Facebook that “around 200,590 people have been killed”, including 610 in the combats registered during the last 24 hours, which have the city of Bakhmut (east). as epicenter.

Likewise, the report states that since the beginning of the attacks, 3,771 battle tanks, 3,166 artillery systems, 318 anti-aircraft defense systems, 308 planes, 294 helicopters, 2,748 drones, 982 cruise missiles, 18 boats, 6,067 vehicles have been destroyed. and fuel tanks and 417 pieces of “special equipment”.

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