The labyrinths of the limitless friendship of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, top popes of China and Russia respectively, will meet in Beijing next October (Illustrative image Infobae)

There may be some nuance when it comes to friendships. The one that was sworn in in February 2022 Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping It was a “friendship without limits”. The closest thing to a sacrament. Perhaps, when they raised it this way, they were referring to the geographical “limits” of their countries, their borders, which they consider blurry and, above all, modifiable. That is why just days after having sealed that commitment the Russian ordered the invasion of Ukraine and the Chinese leader intensified his military harassment against Taiwan.

Both friends saw each other again in March of this year, in Moscow. There they strengthened their alliance, in which Beijing He tried to show himself to the world as a possible intermediary before Ukraine. But it was just a diversionary maneuver. The Chinese regime presented twelve points for a ceasefire that would be impossible to achieve. China Perhaps he forgot, in that diplomatic diligence, that from the beginning he acted as the invader’s main economic supporter. Once his offer was rejected, he preferred to continue financing the Russian war machine.

Putin and Xi They will meet again. It will be in October in the Chinese capital after several frustrated meetings. They were unable to do so on the three previous opportunities they had to do so: at the BRICS in South Africathe head of the Kremlin He preferred to be absent. At the meeting of G20 who organized Narendra Modi in New DelhiHowever, it was both priests who agreed not to go. And the same in the United Nations General Assembly that develops in NY: none will attend.

It is logical that Putin don’t want to step USA. Some let it be known that he fears being arrested for war crimes. The International Criminal Court in The Hague In March, a search and arrest warrant was issued against him. Accusations are multiplying in European courts. But no one believes he could be arrested in New York. Most likely, he knows that his presence would cause more rejection than adhesion in the Assemblywhere it should also intersect with Volodymyr Zelensky. The former agent of the KGB He is not a man who is accustomed to discomfort.

Xi JinpingHowever, he did not officially communicate the reasons for his failure. Maybe he doesn’t want to see you yet. Joe Biden. Also on the table is a hypothesis raised in this column a week ago: the reconfiguration of Chinese diplomacy. The absences of Putin They are understandable in a judicial and war framework, but those of the Pope of Beijing?

In recent hours, economic news continued to undermine the recovery of the Chinese economy. Its large construction and real estate companies are going through delicate moments that drag down the rest of the industry and the financial health of the nation. Despite these numbers, the bullying military against Taiwan. The last 48 hours were frenetic, with a record number of planes recklessly crossing the limit of the strait that separates the continent from the island. During that period, they were detected 158 fighter planes and 16 warships. What is missing for a fatal miscalculation? China It is generating sparks in a sea of ​​fuel.

That sea would confront several countries if the flame ignited. Among them USA. The general Mark Milley, Chief of the North American Joint Chiefs of Staff pointed out that if the regime of Beijing will now attempt an invasion of Taiwan I would be “a serious strategic error”. And he seemed confident when asked if his country could repel and thwart the Chinese attack: “It’s completely possible”. “Militarily, I believe China would make a serious strategic mistake if it attempted to attack to seize the island of Taiwan. By the way, it is not the only option. But attacking and seizing the island of Taiwan is a very, very high bar. It is the most complex of all operations“, said Milley in an interview with cnn.

Weeks ago, Xi He urged his troops to prepare and train. Maybe he doesn’t see them ready. Could this be the reason for the disappearance of the Minister of Defense from the scene? Li Shangfu? It is believed that together with his defenestration a new military purge will be carried out in the People’s Liberation Army. Officers more sympathetic to Xi Jinping and his expansionist ideas.

While arranging internal pieces – military, diplomatic and economic -, China Send to Moscow to Wang Yi -his chancellor- to a four-day meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. Four days. It seems quite. They will have a lot to discuss, it seems. The trip received wide publicity in Beijing. Global Times gave great coverage and anticipated there the coming summit between Putin and Xi.

This meeting between foreign ministers was formed after the meeting that Wang kept with Jake SullivanNational Security Advisor of Biden weekend. With their Russian counterpart they will talk about “strategic security”. “They are expected to discuss the Ukraine crisis, security issues in the Asia-Pacific and various aspects of bilateral cooperation.“, he remarks Global Timesdiffuser organ Chinese Communist Party (PCC). And he adds: “The collaboration between China and Russia on bilateral and multilateral platforms aims to promote the democratization of the international order and support multilateralism.”

For four days, both regimes will try to remove the focus of the United Nations General Assembly. They will have spokespersons for this in NY. Surely with advertisements of all kinds, they will want to install the idea of ​​a new world order. One where human rights and democracy can be set aside. As well as borders.

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