The lapidary covers that marked the end of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister, the shortest term in history

A compilation of the covers of the most important newspapers in the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced Thursday his resignation after just 45 days in power, after his economic policies sank markets and undermined his authority.

“Given the situation, I cannot fulfill the mandate for which I was elected by the Conservative PartyTruss declared outside her residence at 10 Downing Street.

With the resignation of Truss, who became the head of the British government who spent the least amount of time at the helm of the executive, the Conservative Party is doomed to a new internal election, while Labor demands a general election. Truss specified that a new voting process will be organized between now and the end of next week to elect his replacement.

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Truss made the announcement after a last-minute meeting with Graham Bradya senior Conservative lawmaker who is tasked with assessing whether the prime minister still commands the support of Conservative members of Parliament.

Just a day earlier, Truss had vowed to stay in power, saying she was “a fighter and not a quitter.” The covers marked that her credibility was no longer enough.


The British Home Secretary, Suella Bravermanresigned this Wednesday after taking office a month and a half ago, with the coming to power of the conservative prime minister.

resignation of liz truss in the media
“Braverman bomb puts Truss on edge,” headlined The Guardian after the Home Secretary’s resignation.

The resignation came amid mounting pressure within the Conservative Party for Truss to leave Downing Street, in the face of the financial storm and plummeting polls caused by her massive tax cut, which she was forced to withdraw.

The political editor of The Sun said that Braverman had been impeached.

resignation of liz truss in the media
“Suella’s 90 minute screaming match with Liz,” the Daily Mail reported.

After Braverman’s departure was confirmed, it was noted that it was the second replacement of Truss’s most important ministers in less than a week, after he fired his finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, on Friday.


Just two days ago, on October 18, many British media were talking about “A woman sentenced to death. This is how they defined the situation of the British prime minister, who was still fighting to stabilize his position and stay in office after an economic collapse forced her to take a humiliating turn on her plan for tax reforms, putting her future as a leader in doubt.

resignation of liz truss in the media
Daily Mirror headlined “Total Chaos”.

“It is difficult to conceive of a more serious political and economic crisis in recent times than the one facing Britain now”wrote the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph in an editorial.

The Daily Mailanother newspaper close to the conservatives, summed up the Truss situation with an eloquent “Dead woman walking” (Dead woman walking), the expression used to refer to those sentenced to death.

Daily Mail
“Dead Woman Walking,” headlined the Daily Mail

Truss is due to meet with her cabinet on Tuesday and try to garner the support of Conservative MPs., some of whom have said publicly that she has no future as prime minister. The Daily Mail wrote that MPs who met Truss on Monday compared the premier to a “corpse uttering his own funeral eulogy.”

the conservative tabloid The Sun called Truss on Tuesday “The Phantom Prime Minister”while the leftist tabloid The Mirror described the situation ascatastrophic humiliation”.

Liz Truss The Sun
“The ghost prime minister” says the cover of “The Sun”, one of the most widely read newspapers in the United Kingdom.

All media, including the prestigious TheTimes, They also highlighted a survey of YouGov which showed that Truss has the support of just one Briton in ten, being the most unpopular political leader in the last two decades in the United Kingdom.

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