The leader of the PP of Spain visited Buenos Aires and stated that he hopes that in the 2023 elections “alternatives will prosper” in his country and also in Argentina

Alberto Núñez Feijóo (REUTERS/Susana Vera) (SUSANA VERA/)

The president of People’s Party (PP) of Spain, Alberto Nunez Feijoosaid this Sunday that the economic, political and institutional situation between Argentina and Spain has “many meeting points”, so it also expects the “alternative” to win in both countries in the 2023 electionson his tour of the South American country as a candidate for President of the Spanish Government.

“I hope for an alternative in Spain and, because we are very interested in this country, that the alternative in Argentina prosper”, after noting that “there are many similarities at this time” between the two countries and recalling that they also agree that there will be presidential elections in 2023, Núñez Feijóo told the media stationed at the beginning of the community fair in Buenos Aires.

“I hope that in 2023 we start a new course” based on “economic growth”, “moderation”, “centrality”, “providing facilities” for investment in the two countries and that both economies “grow again”.

Nunez Feijoo He will meet, on his tour of Buenos Aires, with former Argentine President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019); the mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the president of the Republican Proposal (PRO), Patricia Bullrich.

There is speculation about the three members of the PRO about a possible candidacy for president in 2023, as opponents of the Peronism of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner that governs Argentina since 2019.

The PP candidate recalled that both economies are the two that have “performed the worst” during the covid-19 pandemic, the public debt is “out of control” and both nations have a “weak and divided government.”

“It is essential” to recover welfare rates, reduce poverty, lower public debt and recover self-esteem”, proposed Núñez Feijóo.

Feijóo started last Friday in Uruguay his first tour of Latin America as head of the Spanish opposition, on a trip that brought him this Sunday to Argentina and will continue through Chile and Ecuadorwhere he will meet with political, civil society and business leaders.

He indicated that for a candidate for the presidency of the Government of Spain, the MercosurLatin America and South America have to “be their priority in their policy” not only abroad but also internally because of the thousands of Spaniards who reside in the region.

And that within those priorities of the PP, which he hopes will be a government commitment, includes “turning Spain back to Latin America” ​​and “promoting the European Union” to establish cooperation mechanisms, free trade agreements, cultural commitments and defense with Latin America.

A specific law for Spanish descendants

Feijóo promised this Sunday to promote “a specific law” for the recovery of the nationality of Spanish descendants, in his tour of Argentina as a candidate for President of the Spanish Government.

Núñez Feijóo told the media stationed at the beginning of the community fair in Buenos Aires that it has been “a serious mistake” that within the ideological law signed by Bildu, the political party heir to ETA, a civil right has been incorporated as is the recovery of the nationality of Spanish descendants.

In addition, he indicated that he will open a “negotiation context” to lead to a specific law “out of ideological approaches and out of rancor” and “to detach nationality from ideology and from the unfortunate events that Spain experienced with the civil war and the dictatorship”.

The president of the PP pointed out that the so-called democratic law is named by the Socialist Party as the “grandchildren’s law” to “hide” that it is an “ideological law that reopens the grudges of the civil war.” And he considered that “this proves the weakness of the Government” and that “at this moment it depends on the extreme left of Podemos and the Basque and Catalan independentists who have never believed in the Constitution and who have never believed in the democratic transition and who are with a revisionist approach.

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