The life of Bobby Larios after Niurka

15 years ago Niurka and Bobby Larios they separated but the controversies around them have not stopped.

Their relationship began when they fell in love while they acted together in the soap opera ‘Velo de novia’, in 2003, which was produced by Juan Osorio. For three years they lived a torrid romance in which they even posed naked to show that they were soul mates and had the same passionate impetus.

However, in 2006 they began to have problems. Among other reasons, ego, arguments and insecurities caused the couple to end their relationship. Niurka He told it like this: “Suddenly he had a tantrum and left the house for two hours, then it was six, then he stayed at his mom’s house and the last time he grabbed a suitcase and left. I told him: ‘if you take the suitcase, the suitcase won’t come back here’ “.

After leaving the house that he shared with the Cuban, Bobby Larios He resumed his acting path but only managed to get a couple of incidental characters in the soap operas ‘The hidden truth’ and ‘Love bought’.

Then he tried to take a turn towards music and in 2012 he released an album in which he mixed regional Mexican rhythms with the fashionable rhythm of the time: tex mex. He presented it at Galería de las Estrellas in the company of his 13-year-old son, it was called ‘As fragile as you’ and had compositions by Fato, Sergio Fachelli and Poncho cabrera.

Without the success that I would have wanted, Bobby He moved to Miami where he began working as a television host and announcer. In 2017 he married Evelyn Umpierrez, Uruguayan who lived most of her life in Venezuela but now lives with Bobby in the United States.

Larios, In addition, he developed several projects as an entrepreneur (restaurants) and now he is also dedicated to giving motivational talks.

This year he revealed that he suffered from Covid and that he was detected cancer. “We wanted it and when the doctors examined me, they did 12 biopsies, super painful, until they detected it, they grabbed it and thank God we were able to eliminate it,” he said.

He is currently filming the series ‘Amanceres’, which is produced independently by Héctor Márquez.