The link of Javier Díaz, formerly of Inés Gómez Mont, with the case of businessman Íñigo Arenas Saiz

Although Inés Gómez Mont is still missing, the host continues to make headlines for her ex-husband Javier Díaz, involved in the case of businessman Íñigo Arenas

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Between Javier Díaz, ex-husband of Ines Gomez Montand the death of businessman Íñigo Arenas Saiz41 years old, there is a bondWell, Diaz is the Republic Club ownerwhere Arenas was last seen alive.

On the morning of Monday, August 7, the authorities of the State of Mexico notified that they had found the lifeless body of missing businessman since Sunday the 6th, for which Gómez Mont’s ex-partner posted a video from the cameras of his nightclub on Twitter.

“It has been made known to us that Mr. Iñigo Arenas has not been located. We have reviewed our security cameras and we captured your departure from the Republic at 2:46 am escorted by a security guard since Mr. Iñigo was asked to leave the establishment due to its poor condition. In the same way, they inform us that he tried to enter other establishments that likewise did not allow him access to the place. From there he went down La Fontaine street and from there we do not know his whereabouts, ”he wrote to disassociate himself from blame.

However, Twitter users began to question the good faith of Javier Díaz and pointed out that his publication lacked sensitivity and showed alleged profit intentions with the then disappearance of the businessman.

The indolence of your comment revictimizes Iñigo. It offends his memory and hurts his relatives. It is very unfortunate to see that there are businessmen who are more concerned about their profits than about the safety of their clients and especially about complying with the laws”, said a user of the social network.

Another user even shared the testimony of a young man who was kidnapped after leaving Club República: “Those who go to that place be careful because kidnappings happen often. My friend was recommended a “safe taxi” by the Republic and they assaulted himThey drugged him and threw him away at Indios Verdes.”

Later, the authorities confirmed the death of Íñigo Arenas Saiz, leaving hundreds of people with many doubts about what really happened during the last hours of the businessman’s life.