‘The Lord of the Skies’ comes to ViX, find out when this popular series will premiere

“El señor de los cielos” will return to streaming and fans couldn’t be happier, enjoy it on ViX.


“The Lord of the Skies” is one of the most popular television series of recent times.and despite the fact that it has been the target of criticism because there are many people who consider that it is an apology for the crime, it is undeniable that the story starring rafael amaya It has a special magnetism.

Some time, “The Lord of the Skies” was available on Netflix, but then it left the platform’s catalog, leaving thousands of fans heartbroken. Until now, the only option to watch it was YouTubeon the official Telemundo channel, or through the television station directly, the only way to see the eighth and final season of the series.

“El Señor de los Cielos”, based on the life of the drug trafficker Amado Carrillo, managed to quickly position itself in the taste of the people despite the sensitive subject matter it handles, and now we have good news for you: the series, including its eighth season, will be available on streaming again.


Recently, excellent news was revealed for fans of “El señor de los cielos”: the series will arrive, with everything and its eighth season, on ViX, a streaming platform that has stood out for its content of classic soap operas, as well as content original as “The Show: Chronicle of a Murder”, the recent series by Paco Stanley, as well as the bioseries by Gloria Trevi “They are me”to be released this August 11.

Is there an official release date for “El señor de los cielos” on ViX? According to TelevisaUnivision Public Relations, this series will be available starting this August, although the exact day is not stated. According to rumors, it would be in the second half of the month that the series is incorporated into the catalog.