‘The Lord of the Skies’: season and chapters where they address the death of Paco Stanley

‘The Lord of the Skies’ refers to the murder of Paco Stanley


The successful series of ‘The Lord of the heavens’ has touched on controversial issues, such is the case of the death of the presenter paco stanleywhose life was taken on June 7, 1999 at the entrance of a restaurant located in the south of Mexico City, embodied in the second season.

Mario Bezares, who was one of his best friends until the time of his death, has expressed his opinion about the Telemundo production. Bezares has described the series as a fictional story in which they mix and distort the facts that went unpunished, creating a tangle.

“Mayito”, nickname of Mario Bezares, has highlighted that the series presents the events related to the murder of your friend in an exaggerated and unrealistic way. He makes reference to the use of colored jackets in the series, noting that he actually started using them years later in Multimedios, and not before as shown in the series.

Mario Bezares considers that the story of “El Señor de los Cielos” is absurd, even comparing it with the Bible and emphasizing that one should not believe everything it shows. He assures that the series is out of context, reality and time, and criticizes the inclusion of his character in the chapters 81 and 82hinting that his appearance was manipulated by the creators of the series.

Mario Bezares denies links to drug trafficking

In an interview for the Doble G podcast, Mario Bezares touches on one of the most controversial moments seen in the television series when “Pepe Johnson” (Paco Stanley) he sends greetings to Mayo Zambada, who is one of the leaders of drug trafficking; However, Stanley’s co-host claims that he was not aware of who entered the television shows.

“Not that one, we didn’t even know and it says it right there. And no, or I don’t know, there I can’t tell you who it was, or who it is and it says there the family of…”, explains Mario Bezares on the Doble G podcast, who once again denied that he had any nexus with drug trafficking.

Finally, Mario Bezares clarifies that both drivers were not aware of who was entering or who was not attending the show, since entry to the television forum was completely free.