The Louvre asks Le Pen to withdraw his #electoral video with images from the museum

The Louvre Museum has asked the leader of the far-right party Agrupación Nacionalhe (RN), Marine LePen, remove the video from your electoral campaign for the French presidential elections in April, which was largely filmed in front of the institution’s famous pyramid.

The video, released today, begins with Le Pen next to the famous Louvre pyramid, “a symbol of the continuity of France”, to greet the French and send them “a message of mobilization and hope”.

The museum was chosen because under the pyramid the current French president, Emmanuel Macron, he celebrated his election in 2017, and his promises “have vanished,” Le Pen says in the video.

However, the images have not liked the Louvre, the largest museum in the world, and sources from the institution told the newspaper Le Parisien that “no authorization has been given” to the far-right party for filming.

“The Louvre Museum, as the exclusive concessionaire of all the patrimonial rights of the pyramid conceived by the architect (Ieoh Ming) Pei, remember that any use of the image of the pyramid must be subject to prior authorization,” the sources added to the capital newspaper.

RN’s number two, Jordan Bardella, was quick to react to Twitter asking “Who are the ones who think the Louvre belongs to them?” And he himself replies: “it belongs to all French people”.

In the April elections, Le Pen aspires to at least repeat the result of 2017, when she reached the second round, in which she was defeated by Macron.

Voting intention polls suggest that this time it will be more difficult to reach the second round, since her voting intention figures are very similar to those of the conservative candidate, Valerie Pécresse.