The love story of Sergio Agüero and Sofía Calzetti: the secrets of a low-key couple

Sergio Agüero and his girlfriend Sofía Calzetti, who is key in the player’s life at this sad moment

In the next few days, after spending the holidays in Argentina, Sergio Aguero He will return to Barcelona and together with his representatives will decide his future steps after announcing his retirement from football on December 15 last. In this complex stage, the Kun he was always leaning on his girlfriend Sofia Calzetti who, according to those around the couple, brought him the harmony necessary to go through these moments of changes in his life.

Agüero and Calzetti, who have their birthday on the same day (June 2) although the footballer although the footballer is nine years older, made their romance official in 2019 shortly after they met at the disco “Jet” of the Porteña Costanera in March, coinciding with the birthday party of the singer Tini Stoessel, with whom the Kun that same year he had recorded that same year the video clip “22” with 29 million views only in the first month and more than 235 million today.

The Kun He first said that Sofia was “a friend” whom he had known since childhood, but then they became inseparable, and much more in these hard days for the former player.

With 762 thousand followers in InstagramCalzetti had been a partner of Francisco, Marcelo Tinelli’s son, at the ORT school, although the model was already known in the media for having participated in different productions and at age 14 she gained popularity working on the film “Fallen from the Map”, where she played the character of Graciela. Once his relationship with Agüero was consolidated, when he was 22 years old, he decided to abandon his career as a public auctioneer to move to the spectacular footballer’s penthouse in the “West Tower” building on Deansgate Squarem in Manchester.

Very low profile, Calzetti was generating harmony in the life of Agüero, who also managed his public life with discretion, beyond appearances in Twitch with his influencer friend Ibai Llanos, or as a gamer. While playing for Manchester City, Agüero and his girlfriend forged a close bond with the couple of David De Gea, goalkeeper for the city’s rival team, Manchester United – and his former teammate at Atlético Madrid – and his wife, the singer Edurne.

Sofía Calzetti - girlfriend Kun Aguero
After making their retirement official, Agüero and Calzetti took a vacation in the United Arab Emirates to rest on the white sand beaches of Dubai.

Calzetti and Agüero shared residence and trips around the world (Bahamas, Sardinia, Paris, last summer holidays on the Greek island of Mykonos, where they rented a yacht, and then in Ibiza, along with a group of friends) and she did not leave to attend the different stadiums where his partner was the protagonist of important moments in his career in recent times, such as on May 29 at the Do Dragao del Porto Stadium, in Portugal, where Manchester City fell to Chelsea in the Champions League final, last official match in the set “citizen” before the departure of the Argentine footballer to Barcelona.

As it would become a custom, the model then appeared on social networks to support her partner in a simple but forceful way when it was learned that she would change her destination and leave the club where she played for almost a decade. “You will always be in everyone’s memory, you earned everything you did, you marked moments that will remain in history forever like that goal, 93:20 – in reference to the goal in the discount of the last date at Queens Park Rangers who gave Manchester City the first Premier League title after 44 years in the 2011/12 season… – I love you and I will be by your side to accompany you in all the challenges that come! ”.

The couple then moved to Barcelona, ​​with the illusion of a new stage, and the influencer once again supported Agüero by attending his presentation at the Camp Nou, where she took pictures in the locker room with her boyfriend in blue clothesorlgrana. “New stage, new beginnings. Your happiness is mine. I know how much you enjoyed, what you put in the effort, and how much you gave. You will always be in everyone’s memory, “he wrote on social networks in a balance mode from the previous cycle and with hope for what was to come.

Is that Sergio Leonel Agüero Del Castillo had signed a two-year contract with Barcelona, ​​even reaffirming his presence despite the fact that his friend Lionel messi had gone to Paris saint germain (PSG), but he was only able to wear the Catalans’ shirt in five games (with a goal in the Clásico against Real Madrid) because he suffered a health problem in the game against him. Alaves at the Camp Nou, on October 30, 2020, he was transferred to the Barcelona Hospital and there you were diagnosed with an arrhythmia That in principle generated all kinds of checks to be done with the need to stop playing for three months.

“Today more than ever, I love you,” Calzetti wrote on social networks when it became official on November 3 that Agüero could not play for at least three months, and with the text, he published a tender photograph of the hands of the two intertwined in the hospital bed. The definitive retirement of Agüero was made official on December 15, after the player accepted the advice of Dr. Roberto Peidró (former doctor of the Argentine team in the 1994 World Cup and who works at the Favaloro Foundation) on the advisability of not risking his physical in high competition.

Sofía Calzetti and Kun Agüero
Post by Sofía Calzetti, girlfriend of “Kun”, after the player announced his retirement due to a cardiac arrhythmia

It was then that Calzetti appeared again, moved by the situation of her partner, for a meaningful post: “A stage that ends and a beautiful life that continues. Magical that you have been able to dedicate so many years to what you like ”. But their support did not end there, rather She appeared sitting in the front row, together with the player’s family, at the time of the announcement of her farewell from football, where he once again kept a low profile despite the excitement of the moment.

The support of his family and his partner were surely fundamental so that a few hours after announcing his farewell to football, Agüero decided to send an optimistic message to his followers: “I am well and in good spirits to face the recovery process. I want to thank you all for so many messages of support and affection that make my heart stronger today ”.

Too his mother, Adriana Agüero, sent him a moving letter upon learning of the problem his son was going through, which was going to cut short his football career: “Things were never easy for you. From a young age, every step you took had some complications or something that seemed to make you give up on your dreams. Once again life puts one more test on you that you are going to overcome as you always did, because giving up was never your thing. Here I will be by your side for whatever you need, like the whole family, your son, firm and safe next to you. In life there is always revenge. Never lose faith or hope. I love you son. That smile always has to shine ”.

Following Agüero’s decision, Calzetti accompanied him on a relaxed trip to the United Arab Emirates to rest on the white sand beaches of Dubai and to enjoy rides in luxury cars such as a Ferrari Monza or a Bugatti. He had been invited by the owner of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is also the Minister of Presidential Affairs of the Asian country and was able to witness in the circuit “Yas Marina” from Abu Dhabi the spectacular finale of the Formula One, with Max verstappen imposing on Lewis hamilton. It was there that he received one of the proposals for the future that he will study when he returns to Barcelona in the next few hours: be an ambassador of the english club.

The Kun He has several issues in the portfolio, although one of the main ones is the place of residence for the next few years for the couple and “Capri”, a French bulldog dog, which they have had since the quarantine. Although his girlfriend would have targeted Miami, do not rule out living in Barcelona, Madrid And till Abu Dhabi. Another is the continuity of the image contract with the German company Cougar, that far from finishing it, she decided to remain linked to the former player, who also received the offer to be his ambassador, something she looks favorably on, as a sign of loyalty and gratitude to those who were always by her side.

kun aguero sofia calzetti
Sergio and Sofia on their birthday

In this sense, the current days in Buenos Aires served to prop up his team “Krü” from E-Sports. Inaugurating spectacular facilities, always accompanied by his girlfriend in his movements as “Gamer” And there seems to be a chance to participate in some way in the Qatar World Cup together with the Argentine team, although it is still unknown from which place.

The degree of influence of Calzetti is such that even old clashes between crack and his ex-wife subsided Gianinna Dinorah Maradona, mother of her son Benjamin, born on February 19, 2009, who, far from a conflictive relationship with the previous partner of the Kun, singer Karina “The little Princess”, was grateful on social networks because in the celebrations of his last birthday, in Manchester, Agüero’s current girlfriend organized the thematic celebration in the house, set with motifs from the video game “Fornite”, of which the Kun and her son are fans, as are silver and blue balloons, a double-decker cake, custom cookies, and spectacular catering.

“Happy Birthday son! Love you. Thank you Sofi Calzetti for preparing her birthday “, Agüero wrote in his network of Instagram, followed by 21.4 million people. Immediately, Giannina appeared to continue: “How cute you are, by God. First meets away from mommy. Don’t hate me, I’m over. Sofi, total genius. Thank you for taking care of yourself and adding to Ben’s life ”. Far from being silent, Agüero’s girlfriend responded in a very good way “You’re welcome Giani. As I always tell you, it is a pleasure ”.

Calzetti not only improved the relationship of the Kun with the mother of his son, but usually viralize the funny moments of the former Manchester City player from his channel of Twitch and she even starred in some live broadcasts to answer questions from her boyfriend.

For all these reasons, Agüero seems to have enough tranquility in his life to meditate on his first steps in life as a former footballer.


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