The luxurious vacations of Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González, the “Mexican Kim Kardashian”

Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González enjoyed skiing in Colorado, USA (Photo: Instagram / @ marianagp01)

Vicente Fernández Jr. has been the main person in charge, together with the doctors, of update information on the health status of his father, Vicente Fernández, who has been hospitalized for more than three months due to a fall he suffered at his ranch “Los Tres Potrillos”.

This task, as well as the siege of the media, caused him significant fatigue, so decided to spend a luxurious vacation next to his girlfriend Mariana González Padilla, known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian”.

Through their social networks, the couple shared lThe moments you lived together in an expensive resort in the town of Vail, Colorado, in the United States, where they took advantage of the snowfall to take tender photos and enjoy unforgettable moments.

This popular place is located west of the Rocky Mountains of Denver. Its fame came in 1962, when it was opened to the public as a tourist place specialized in winter resorts and activities, such as skiing.

Through the photographs they shared, González and Fernández Jr. can be seen. wearing exclusive designer clothing, such as Louis Vuitton. Very well dressed, they took advantage of the beautiful landscapes painted white by the snow to carry out photographic sessions with which they showed their love.

Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González spent a luxurious vacation
The tourist complex where they stayed has a pool, bridges, chandeliers and beautiful snowy landscapes (Photo: Instagram)

Also, through stories, the couple, who have been together for just over a year, shared images of the resort where they stayed. In them there is a pool surrounded by rustic walls with wood finishes, small bridges that link the different complexesas well as giant crystal chandeliers inside your room.

Mariana González did not miss the opportunity to take a portrait and show off your enviable fitted figure in a black spandex suit, completely attached to his body, which he complemented with boots, glasses and a hat of the same color.

According to the message written by Vicente Fernández Jr. on his Instagram account, This trip was made thanks to the fact that his father’s health has improved remarkably in recent daysSo he decided to take a few days to relax.

“Thanks god! For the health of my father and for allowing me this trip with you a wonderful and spectacular human being @ marianagp01 I LOVE YOU “, wrote the son of” Charro de Huentitán “.

For her part, the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” dedicated a tender message to her partner, whom she intends to marry in early 2022, with which she highlighted the “wonderful team” they make together. “It’s not about being a nice couple, it’s about being a tremendous team, I love you for many years together @ vicentefdzjr9″, He wrote.

Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González spent a luxurious vacation
The couple sent sweet dedications to each other on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

Vicente Fernández’s health status

It was on November 16 when the family of the famous singer updated the situation and reported that Vicente Fernandez had the most significant and favorable advance after he was hospitalized for a fall in August this year.

In the statement published on his Instagram account, the loved ones of the Charro de Huentitán they assured that no longer requires mechanical ventilation plus maintains greater interaction while awake.

According to said publication, Vicente Fernández has even begun to make an effort to trying to speak as part of your pulmonary rehabilitation, the singer’s family described his progress as slow but with a tendency towards improvement.

Although he is still hospitalized, Vicente Fernández already stays awake in the day, is conscious and has had various interactions.


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