The malicious nickname that Lady Di gave to Camilla Parker Bowles to get revenge

Lady Di was one of the most beloved members of British royalty. It is until today that many citizens remember her fondly for his charisma, his transparency, his kindness and his beautiful smile. But there is something that could not against the formality and manners that the Princess of Wales had.

What Diana of Wales could not avoid in the years when the then prince Carlos was unfaithful with Camilla Parker Bowlesis to put a Nickname to the woman who she had fallen in love with her husband. The nickname was heard by a security guard from Lady Di and refers to a breed of dog.

The mother of Princes William and Harry it was always very correct. Much of the affection of the people was due to his formal manner to tolerate their problems in front of the press and internally, despite the conflicts that were experienced within the royal family and in their married life. But she never avoided calling Rottweiler a Camilla Parker Bowles.

To the Princess of Wales’s security staff it was quite grotesque to hear the Nicknamedue to the inevitable immediate comparison that can be made andBetween the breed of dog and the current queen consort of the United Kingdom. First, Lady Di I would have chosen that derogatory nickname because Carlos III’s mistress was not so graceful, by then beauty standards.

In second place, Diana Spencer called that to Stretcher because bliss breed of dog is characterized by having a prominent and very large head and jaw. This means that when the animal grabs a prey, it cannot be released so easily. This comparison was due to the perception that the princess had at that moment, when everyone knew (and she herself had seen it) that Parker Bowles I had no problem in maintaining a loving relationship with Carlos III, despite being married.